Free my mind

So my mentor gave me this book.. this book is thick… the cover is enticing… I was unsure if I wanted to read it..

This woman..  I never saw her face before..

so i read the forward.. it set me on edge.. I put it down..

On vacation a few weeks later I decided to give it a try again..

Fireworks.. crackles.. bombs…they all went off..

I’m intrigued.. i’m hurting for her.. i’m paralyzed while reading..

the kids are splashing at the pool.. The lady sitting next to me  is nosey looking over and ask what and i reading..

I say.. “I ‘m reading about how the whites oppressed our people and left many black families mother and fatherless…” she turns red in the face.. she scoot over far left on the bench and apologize while slipping her shades on.. I think.. hmm ” serves you right”

The the book grabs me again.. and make me focus on the words..

I’m enraged.. i’m hopeful.. I want her to break out.. but i haven’t gotten that far yet..

Assata = freedom