I know what love is all about…

I use to think that love was just a weekend thing, the way you make me feel, sharing a moment
of emptiness, but you see that wasn’t nothing, cause the moment he left I forgot about him, until you came in and you showed me what it really felt to be loved, and kissed, and held, and prayed for, and
wanted, and nutured and guided, and  to be understood

no pressure

No pressure.. ..  the lines of communication are open..

I mean we need to talk.. nothing in particular.. but everything and nothing..

The more you talk.. the more I listen..

the more I can decipher.. the more I learn..

but no pressure.. I just want to check out your vibrations..

Do you speak to me when no words are spoken..

Can I grow from you?

No pressure..

wonderful things have been created in the friend zone.

No pressure..


Me and Sharon

I seen Sharon again to on my way to pick up thr kids.. Sharon is the lady who is bi-polar who inspired me to get my passport.  I notice she was walking with one shoe on down MLK which is a pretty busy intersection . I was on the phone with my cousin and decided to pull over and give her the slides i had on because it looked like her feet was hurting.. I got out barefooted during rush hour and tried to hand them to her. She started talking and said “oh no darling i don’t  want them.. but i remember  your face” I didn’t  know  how to take it..  people in traffic looking at me crazy so I  went back to my car and drove off.

I’m  not  sure why  me and Sharon paths keep crossing.. but im sending positive vibes and energy her way.

What one won’t teach me.. I will teach myself and teach others

Being told no doesn’t get me upset.. I honestly gives me power.. and some what of an adrenaline rush to get what I need and want. I thank the heavens for my mom.. she taught me early on to no accept no for and answer. Its like you tell me no.. ok.. now what are my options.. sit and sulk.. or get off my butt and make things happen.. I will always be an over achiever because of this.. what one won’t teach me.. I will teach myself.

Straight like that.


I was getting my oil changed today and a guy walked up to me and asked where I’m from.. I told him I was born and raised here.. He was like “nah beautiful.. You can’t be.. You look too organic” I was like “no uno organic?” he started to laugh.. He stayed that my face brings peace and told me to keep smiling ..he went on a bit more, but
That brighten my day.. Nothing more ..  Nothing less.