trip to the bodega


after work on Thursday I decided to take the kids on a walk and we ended up at out local bodega.. I loved it!.. fresh fruit.. music.. and samples! I even got to play a Lil dominos. We were able to get ample fruit and  veggies for $6. I even spotted my childhood favorites  “sugarcane”.. I think we May crack that bad baby open tomorrow. this is the meal I prepared with what I for from the bodega


Christmas Eve with the family

When I tell you.. mama is exhausted!!!

I am pooped!

Christmas was everything I expected..

As promised.. Here are a few pictures of out Family gathering.. we celebrate on Christmas Eve so that  everyone can be with their immediate family on Christmas day.

We had an overflow of food fun and dancing:

A family that prays together.. stays together...
A family that prays together.. stays together…

My lovely cousins and Grandma



My brother and my sons:


some of the food.. and what I cooked:

christmas4 christmas7 christmas8

and me!


That dry a$$ Turkey

Crunky Turkey
Crunchy Turkey

LOL I just laughed out loud when I wrote that heading and looked a the picture.

But seriously.. no one want to eat dry turkey.. not slice, not diced nor shaved.

I remember there was a  certain family member that cooked a turkey for thanksgiving..

and boy when I tell you that turkey was solid as a rock and drier than sandpaper.

Everyone doused that turkey in gravy, water, and any other moisture that we could find.

Here are a few pointer on making a juicy turkey:

  1.  Fresh, never frozen (optional) The fresher the turkey.. the better it taste and the more natural moisture it holds.
  2.  Inject. I inject butter and herb under the skin and in the meat before and throughout the cooking process.
  3.  Baze. As my cousin Shawana would say “baze that thang” I like to bathe the turkey in broth and collected juices as its cooking.
  4.  Rotate! Rotate you turkey periodically during the cooking process. I like to start with my turkey on it’s back. Legs up baby!
  5.  Take a chill pill. Let the Turkey gather its thoughts before you go chopping it up, you lose good juice if you cut into it too early

Please I ask of you.. save a relationship.

Don’t let that person who can’t cook, make the turkey…

Because I for one.. will talk about you for the ENTIRE year…lol

It wouldn’t be right if i didn’t post Dinner

Her are a few of my dinner plates.. I want to start coking more diverse food.. but my family love southern food.

This is what i cook yesterday.
This is what i cook yesterday.

Here are a few more random food pics.

Ribs, red potatoes and string beans
Ribs, red potatoes and string beans
Roasted chicken Yellow ricw and black beans
Roasted chicken Yellow rice and black beans
Fish Noodles peppers and String beans.
Fish Noodles peppers and String beans.
Curry Chicken beans and rice
Curry Chicken beans and rice.

Let me know what you think!

I will cook breakfast all day.. everyday

augggh.. what a weekend.. let me sit down and tell you all about it.

My kids have no  chill.. i mean what so ever!..

Saturday mornings usually start at 6:30 and my oldest son is up looking for food.. i’m not talking about apples and peanut butter.. I mean Grits eggs and all the fixing.. So i try to satisfy the little animal in him with apples slices until at least 7:30/8.

So finally I go downstairs and fix my family breakfast. They already know that I love breakfast food, so they will be plenty.. here is a snap shot of what they usually get Saturdays and Sunday mornings.

break2 break3 break4 Brekfast1