black women and food

Black women and cooking has been the staple  in family and culture. We have been the preparers  and gathers of food in our culture and neighborhoods. I love cooking with and for my family. It brings a sense of nurturing and peace when ,my kids linger around the stove when I’m cooking.

I love going to my mom house and before I can turn off the car, I can smell some beans and seasons in the drive way.. ok.. I’m gonna stop now.. because I’m hungry  and its not even lunch time.

Nursing homes and love

This morning I went to the nursing home.. It amazed me how many people are there and don’t received visitors. It broke my heart at the same time. There were so many vets that were there, so many grandma’s and pops.. I encourage you this year to spend an hour out of Your week and visit one. They would love a game of spades.. An opportunity to tell you some war stories. Or just go and song some old time songs ( I personally like doing karaoke) you’d be surprised. At how many knows Montell Jordan “this is how we do it”.. Lol y’all take it easy and pay it forward!

There is nothing funny about not know how to swim


So I just happened upon an article about black people know knowing how to swim. This is utterly cray.. especially if you live in Florida where you are surrounded by water.

On Facebook I posted a stat asking who can swim, and over 2/3 couldn’t that is super sad. Take a look a what Take Part has to say about the crazy, yet true statistic. Thank goodness my aunt took the time out to teach us to swim.

Take a swim class people!