WTF Wednesday



So today is What The Fuck Wednesday..

Yeah I have have this new found love of cursing.. It makes me laugh a

Any who.. have you ever has some shit that just came out of no where and you are left saying WTF?? like over and over again?

Well yea.. that has been happening to me quite often..

I enjoy it and look back and say.. WHAT The   FFFFFUUCCKKKK

Venus Day Spa review 

After a long day I decided to stop by Venus Day Spa. This spa is in South Tampa and convenient located by I 275. Time I walked into the door I felt completely  relaxed and the invironment was very inviting. 


 The young lady who took care of me showed me what services would be the best fit for me . She was very attentive during the process. I actually enjoy it and didn’t feel  rushed. I recieved a mani with gel nail and a full pedi for less than $45. They even offer complimentary  wine and water. With added gesture of care Fawn wrapped my legs  in a hot towel with tea and mangos scrub. I really enjoyed  the services. If you’d like to contact them they are located at 1558 N. Dale Maby Tampa fl 33607 . Remember to take care of yourself!

direction of life

With so much going on around me I have begin to question my direction of life. Like am I making a positive impact? am I doing this world a favor? Are my foot prints making a positive impact? So many questions.

I recently reconnected with a young lady that inspires me to think outside the box even more. She is younger that me, but her craving for understanding and life inspires me.

There is so much positive energy in the world, and lately its been attracted to me. A butterfly gave me a hi-five at the spring a few weeks

I’m not sure where I’m going, but I know this trip will be eventful.

Whats up my Sistah!

What the heck are you talking about?

Whats up homegirl? Whats up my brutha! Word to ya motha!

This is the crap I have to hear..

I hate when people speak to me using slang.. especially when I’m working or conducting business.

Just cause I’m black doesn’t mean I speak in such a way.

Now when I’m with my family or close friends we have a certain why that we speak and converse with each other, but

…you don’t know me!..

(I laughed a little bit when I wrote that)

Throughout working in corporate America, I’ve heard some crazy slang, stupid assumption, and gestures.

I’m even skeptical about eating chicken at work because people look at you crazy.

I’ve heard ” ohhh this printer is sooo ratchet!”

“whats up my homie from another rommie” (yeah hella stupid” )

Most of the time i just laugh because it sounds so stupid, then I say, ” I’m sorry, I can’t comprehend what you’ve just said, come again?”

Just because I’m black.. doesn’t mean I speak fluent slang.



Subtly letting others know about how fantastic your life is while undercutting it with a bit of self-effacing humor or “woe is me” gloss.

At its core, everyone posts on social media for the exact same reason: so other people can see what is going on in their life. Social media is our own reality TV show and people are tuned in. The number one douchiest tendency in social media is when people post a humble bragging status about acts / activities they should already be doing. Humble bragging is douchey in itself but the levels of douchiness raises ten fold when it’s accompanied with an ordinary act. In fact humble bragging to ordinary acts is an insult to everyone with an ounce of self respect.

got this from Tony Bologna blog..

I am