that urge

I have an urge to dance.. I might just vibe out by myself tonight after I put the kids to bed.. Well my friend may join me.. there was a raccoon under my hammock the last time I went to chill under the stars.

A lil 90’s R& B… some Bob Marley, Total, and most importantly… Uncle Luke!!

lol.. I’m gonna sleep well.

African Dreams


Ever had a dream so vivid and poetic, when you wake up you body is still reacting?

Well I had a dream like that this morning..

I went to bed at some what of a decent time, then i get this random call around 1:30 asking if I was sleep. Umm Sir sleep is what people do at 1 am.. unless you are working the graveyard shift or hooking.. I do neither.

So I couldn’t fall back asleep until 4:30.. That’s when I had the dream.. I’m feeling all weirded out reminiscing.

OK.. the setting was in Africa.. I had on minimal cloth clothing, kind of living off the land.. and I was MARRIED! .. yeah.. it was like i was in a theater looking at my self.

So my husband was this chocolate, powerful, regal, bald head King. I’m getting excited typing it!.. We basically ruled this little country and he took me where ever he went. We made love is some of the weirdest, scenic and romantic places..It was sweet and sensual lol and it started to get a lil risqué at that point. I was enjoying it.

Then I freaking woke up! I was like mannnn.. NOOOOO!! i wanna go back to sleep!

I miss him

Baby I still can’t find my church sock

Ok.. Let me give a disclaimer before i start.. This could, or may not be a true story.. Names have been changed to protect the stupid, innocent, crazy. These life events did not harm any small kitty or person..This could be a guest writer..

Thanks.. and stay tuned.

Ok.. I know I’m late.. but this story takes place in a part of my life where i was trying to “find myself”


I started a new job and I met this very handsome guy. He reminded me of Grant Hill.. the basketball player. Oh yeah.. i like basketball players.. usually tall.. agile and just plain ol’ sexy..

So any who.. We would alway run into each other at random places.. Once he was at taco stand with this girl i knew.. and i was there with someone i was dating.

make a long story short.. We finally stop and exchanged number  after almost three years of small talk.. It was supposed to be under business pretense.

Low and behold I lost my phone at my mom house and i get a phone call  from her saying at almost midnight saying “girl someone just sent you a picture and they said they want to see you in nothing but high-heels”. I was like who.. and she told me the name. I was like ooh shoot! I though this guy was out of my league. He usually had a model type girl on his arm.

Any who, the next day i retrieved my phone and i sent him a message asking if he meant to send that to me and he apologized profusely. Telling me that he was drunk texting and he didn’t want to disrespectful.

So we begin to talk more and you know how it does.. I was getting mixed signals, so i took it for what it was  and thought it was just a friendship. He invited me to his home periodically, and one night he was like wear something nice.

I was nervous, so on my way there to started to get antsy.. this other guy was talking to want to hang out with me that night, but he previously begin to act shady. So blew him off.. Well as I begin walking up the stair i started to have a panic attack. I was like “Why now lawd” reaching for the sky..

I finally get to the do and he there waiting there looking all sexy and delicious and he sees me all watery eyed immediately begin to check me out and give me water etc. So he has dinner prepared for us and I’m thinking to myself “damn i really F’ed this up”

So i calm down and we eat dinner, by that time I’m felling sorry for my self and he turns on  some music and ask me to dance with him.. I’m thinking to myself.. “oh lawd he’s trying to woo a lady”  So I go with the flow and we dance and some stuff straight our of the movies happen ” he grabs my lower back and pulls me close.. he  start whispering in my ear how much he waited for this moment to happen, and that he wish it would have happen years ago but he was too sacred to approach me, and he’s glad he finally did So me being myself i asked why? He told me that I wasn’t really his type, but he liked that i was confident, a business woman, and great mother.. so i was like cool. And I’m thinking to myself.. This is is first time with a BBW! (That stands for big beautiful woman) so that means i have a point to prove.

So he begins to kiss all on me and i’m like “oh SHiii” i wasn’t ready!.

Well one thing lead to another (this part was omitted) and we woke up in the morning and he only had on one sock..

After seeing each other almost every weekend we went out to dinner and he was like “Dee i’ve never met anyone like you.. Baby you know I still can’t find my church sock?”

Until next time.. kiss the sky.