The Diggy Man


This guy is always walking by my desk digging in his rump.

I do believe i’ve wrote about him before. I’m not sure if he didn’t wipe well or it’s the detergent that he washes with..

But I’LL BE!!

I’m sorry that’s why I don’t do shake

He is the Donkey of the day!


Chile you ain’t funny…

not funny

Please go back and read the tittle again..


wait on it..

now laugh..


yep that’s how i laugh on the inside when someone I don’t like tells a

ok bye~

Funky Pig


Boy I tell you.. Someone will give you flowers to try to throw you off their scent! I tell you.. all the things my mom told me are now coming back to teach me a lesson. Never trust information from someone you don’t trust. One day I will tell y’all the story.. SMH.. Some folks will sacrifice their first-born to brown nose and get nowhere.

Your mother failed you Sir.


My mother made us have manners.

By “made” I mean evil glared at us until it became natural for us to have them. lol

I just said good afternoon to someone in passing, and he grunted at me.

I tell myself.. “they must have been raised by”

Boy I tell ya.. Ya’ll pray for me.

He earned Donkey of the day award.

Get Thee Behind me Larry The Lobster


Larry the Lobster is getting on my nerves this Friday.. already!.. I had to just call me mom to cheer me up. Thank God for moms. They save you from saying a doing things that you will later regret.

Larry the Lobster you are the Donkey of the day.

Larry we are going to have a good day today.