I swear I can’t eat Chinese food!..

I have the craziest dreams..

Let me tell you all about it..

Well Me and one of my cousins flew to Atlanta, and we took the Marta Subway… So while we’re on the subway, we begin to talk .. our stop comes up and i grab my suitcases and jump off.. when I got off I realized I left my purse and phone.. you know i had to go back for that.. so as i go back the door begin to  close.. and I stuck my hand in and slide in.. The cart was empty.. and the lights begin to flicker on and off.. and on the  reader it said “going offline”.. I was like awe SHHHHHIII.. So the tram pulled into the maintenance station. And that’s when the craziness starts.. Its lights and ferris wheels .. then i go to the counter and i let the folks know that i wasn’t suppose to be on the trams but i left something on it. The dude start going off and he puts a bunch of high-priced clothes in front of me.. and tell me that these are my clothing.. and that i need to take them.. So i reached to take them and he was like “DEEZZ NUTS” “Ha GOT ” EEEM!  I was mad!.. Then this other guy comes from out of no where and was like you can have what ever you want in our unclaimed department.. So i turn around and there are thousands of shoes dazzling stilettos, platforms, wedges.. and all my size!

then my son woke me up..

Crazy right?

Say Yes- Rome

I use to listen to this song on 93.3 Quiet Storm with Jomomma Johnson when i was in middle school / high school. Day dreaming about love and romance. I use to love Rome.. all of his songs had the melody where you just want to slow dance with your love. I remember me and my children’s father would move the furniture back after the kids fall asleep and just slow dance all night.

I love a good R&B song!.. Take a listen

Rick Ross


I just had the most vivid, earth shattering, realist dream. I was  dating to Rick Ross the rapper!
I like big boys and a beard, but this was some thing different. It was like he was wooing me, trying to get me to marry him but we were being chased around Miami by a group of his ex’s. He took me to the Versace store to get fitted some something and I knocked over a bottle of Chanel #5 . I’m telling ya .. it was vivid and sweet.. He laid his head in my lap and we talked.. then someone started chasing us by the pool. Reporters wanted to know who I was.. and why he wasn’t dating a video vixen.
Chile that dream gave me life! Lol
Ross wanted a big fine lady..lol

Then I woke up 😦