black women and food

Black women and cooking has been the staple  in family and culture. We have been the preparers  and gathers of food in our culture and neighborhoods. I love cooking with and for my family. It brings a sense of nurturing and peace when ,my kids linger around the stove when I’m cooking.

I love going to my mom house and before I can turn off the car, I can smell some beans and seasons in the drive way.. ok.. I’m gonna stop now.. because I’m hungry  and its not even lunch time.

Going on a food Run- St. Pete FL – Chief Creole Cafe

So last week I decided to take a little trip across the bridge to St. Pete. I tend to have these last minute urges when there is food involved. Any who, after a meeting I asked my sis if she wanted to take a ride to get something to eat.. and she was like cool… I could ( we are always eating).  I had been hearing about Chief Creole Cafe for about a month or so before I decided to go.

The restaurant is located in south St. Pete, which is often referred to as  the “hood”. Come to find out, there is so much history in south St. Pete, but we will get to that later.


My Son was so ready to eat! We got there during the lunch time, and the atmosphere was very laid back and welcoming. The decor was a mixture of french and contemporary mix and match.. but I really liked the vibe. We decided to eat outside because the weather was perfect and so that we can take in the scenery.

Now lets get to the food:

I had the Spicy Jambalaya and my sister had the Creole Chicken wings. Off bat the aroma was  making my mouth water before I even lifted my spoon! and the corn muffin complimented it s well. I only issue is the serving size was a bit small, as you can see from the pictures. Over all the ingredients were savory and it filled me up. I also order a batch of beignets to go. I honestly didn’t like them.. they were small and a bit tough.. about the size of my finger. I’m use to the larger pillow soft one. I wouldn’t recommend ordering those.

I would recommend the homemade fruit punch and limeade. It’s light and refreshing.

To wrap it up, our server was very nice and suggested items that were good, but I did notice that the manager, or the owner came out to speak to a certain table, but did not come over too greet us. I didn’t think that was a good move, especially seeing as though we were patrons also. But that didn’t take away from the experience too much.

Location: Nice and welcoming

Staff: Nice

Price:A bit high for lunch $ 40 for 3 items and drinks.

If you are in the bay area, check them out.. I rate them  3.5 out of 5 kisses: