Going on a food Run- St. Pete FL – Chief Creole Cafe

So last week I decided to take a little trip across the bridge to St. Pete. I tend to have these last minute urges when there is food involved. Any who, after a meeting I asked my sis if she wanted to take a ride to get something to eat.. and she was like cool… I could eat..lol ( we are always eating).  I had been hearing about Chief Creole Cafe for about a month or so before I decided to go.

The restaurant is located in south St. Pete, which is often referred to as  the “hood”. Come to find out, there is so much history in south St. Pete, but we will get to that later.


My Son was so ready to eat! We got there during the lunch time, and the atmosphere was very laid back and welcoming. The decor was a mixture of french and contemporary mix and match.. but I really liked the vibe. We decided to eat outside because the weather was perfect and so that we can take in the scenery.

Now lets get to the food:

I had the Spicy Jambalaya and my sister had the Creole Chicken wings. Off bat the aroma was  making my mouth water before I even lifted my spoon! and the corn muffin complimented it s well. I only issue is the serving size was a bit small, as you can see from the pictures. Over all the ingredients were savory and it filled me up. I also order a batch of beignets to go. I honestly didn’t like them.. they were small and a bit tough.. about the size of my finger. I’m use to the larger pillow soft one. I wouldn’t recommend ordering those.

I would recommend the homemade fruit punch and limeade. It’s light and refreshing.

To wrap it up, our server was very nice and suggested items that were good, but I did notice that the manager, or the owner came out to speak to a certain table, but did not come over too greet us. I didn’t think that was a good move, especially seeing as though we were patrons also. But that didn’t take away from the experience too much.

Location: Nice and welcoming

Staff: Nice

Price:A bit high for lunch $ 40 for 3 items and drinks.

If you are in the bay area, check them out.. I rate them  3.5 out of 5 kisses:






If it wasn’t for Georgina.. there would be no Bacardi Rum..


ON my trip to Puerto Rico to celebrate my 30th birthday.. I trekked to the Bacardi Rum Factory. I ended up arriving at 9:00 am.. forgetting that my tour started at 11:30. So I sat a round and took some pictures of the grounds and of the museum. At 11:00 one of the bartenders told me to check out the new restaurant that was recently added to the factory. When I walked in I immediately fell in love!

The decor had a caribbean/ African feel to it.


I  placed my order and decided to walk a round, and boy was i in for a treat.

I stumbled upon this writing on the walk.


This plaque goes on to talk about a house servant named Georgina, who was the wet-nurse and care taker of Don Facundo Bacardi 6 kids. Long story short.. Don was about to get indicted because of is business ties with some unsavory character. So Don wrote letters to the crime bosses and the recipes of the rum and was about to mail them and word got out that the chief of police was on the way to search the home. If Don was caught with the letters  he would be good as dead. So  Georgina said you trust me with your kids, trust me with the letter, I will keep them safe. So one of the kids suggested that she hide the letters under her hat, but there was too many. So Georgina stuck the rum recipes and letters in her bosoms and held the baby close to her and started walking away from the hose just as the police arrived. If it wasn’t for smuggling the letters out.. There would be no Bacardi as we know it.


There is something about a black woman

I’m in love with the Bodega

bodegaSooo.. I’m in love with this little bodega about 5 locks from my house. How i happened is a tale in itself. One Saturday i was washing clothing in my laundry room, and this big lizard came out of no where do i went crazy and jumped on the  dry and end up breaking the fuse box..

Fast forward 1 hamper of dirty clothes later i’m at the laundry mat (wash house) with the kiddios. They are acting crazy and want food and drinks.. attached to the laundry mat is my little bodega. When we walk in we are instantly greeted with smiles and hellos. There was fresh cilantro, lemons, peppers and other veggies and fruit. There was this big  case of fresh danish and a cooler of homemade tortilas. It was amazing how so much character was nestled into this little space.

Any who.. support your local bodegas, they have families that depend on us.

Blueberry picking

Blueberry Hill Farm

So I decided to hope in the Travan (truck/van) I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go.. I knew I wanted to complete something from my 30by 30 list. but it was getting late in the day. So I hopped on I-4 to go to Sugarloaf  Mountain, and I saw a sign for “U-pick “blueberries.
Blueberry  Hill Farm is a certified organic and conventional  farm, and it’s very beautiful. The owner and family makes honey, herbs and other neat items. here are a few pics of me and the family.




This was a very nice trip.. and I even got to see a fruit I never saw before call Buddha’s fingers


Biting the Desk- No meat month

no_meatLawd.. Tomorrow will start my no meat  month. Have to detox this body before it decides to go haywire on me.

I mean i will only eat fish. Which will be a challenge.

One of the hardest things will be cooking for my kids.. Of Course they will be eating regular, but its going to be hard to prepare mine separately.

I’m going to try my best not to be grouchy.. Pray my strength in the Lawd.



trip to the bodega


after work on Thursday I decided to take the kids on a walk and we ended up at out local bodega.. I loved it!.. fresh fruit.. music.. and samples! I even got to play a Lil dominos. We were able to get ample fruit and  veggies for $6. I even spotted my childhood favorites  “sugarcane”.. I think we May crack that bad baby open tomorrow. this is the meal I prepared with what I for from the bodega


Love you until it hurts..

it’s 11:59 pm…. I’m thinking of ways to get over you.. oh how you use to make me want you .. but you were hurtful to me.. every time  you came within my grasp.. you would mess me up.. I’m tired of this back and forth game we play.. you’ve hurt me too many times.. after we’ve been together and you decide to leave it tears me up. I’ve decide to be done with you.. you’ve hurt me for far you long.. I was once addicted to you .. I would say I’m going to Wal-Mart and I’d end up with you. I dodge you for 2 months.. every time I see you in passing I have to look the other way..
………..Taco Bell
you are the devil! ..
I want a soft Taco but I don’t want food poisoning..lol

Christmas Eve with the family

When I tell you.. mama is exhausted!!!

I am pooped!

Christmas was everything I expected..

As promised.. Here are a few pictures of out Family gathering.. we celebrate on Christmas Eve so that  everyone can be with their immediate family on Christmas day.

We had an overflow of food fun and dancing:

A family that prays together.. stays together...
A family that prays together.. stays together…

My lovely cousins and Grandma



My brother and my sons:


some of the food.. and what I cooked:

christmas4 christmas7 christmas8

and me!


Question of the Day: What is your ” I’ll never do that again”


I will never.. I mean NEVER!!.. try this again..


Durian smell like boiled rice that has been left in the heat for 12 hours with a mixture of dirty baby diapers.

That smell took over my fridge, and i had to thrown everything away.

What is something you will never do again?

That dry a$$ Turkey

Crunky Turkey
Crunchy Turkey

LOL I just laughed out loud when I wrote that heading and looked a the picture.

But seriously.. no one want to eat dry turkey.. not slice, not diced nor shaved.

I remember there was a  certain family member that cooked a turkey for thanksgiving..

and boy when I tell you that turkey was solid as a rock and drier than sandpaper.

Everyone doused that turkey in gravy, water, and any other moisture that we could find.

Here are a few pointer on making a juicy turkey:

  1.  Fresh, never frozen (optional) The fresher the turkey.. the better it taste and the more natural moisture it holds.
  2.  Inject. I inject butter and herb under the skin and in the meat before and throughout the cooking process.
  3.  Baze. As my cousin Shawana would say “baze that thang” I like to bathe the turkey in broth and collected juices as its cooking.
  4.  Rotate! Rotate you turkey periodically during the cooking process. I like to start with my turkey on it’s back. Legs up baby!
  5.  Take a chill pill. Let the Turkey gather its thoughts before you go chopping it up, you lose good juice if you cut into it too early

Please I ask of you.. save a relationship.

Don’t let that person who can’t cook, make the turkey…

Because I for one.. will talk about you for the ENTIRE year…lol