Just pray about it.. chile please!

my soul is irritated.. Up and down my social media timeline.. I see people saying ” Just pray about”.. I have an issue with that..

Now let me declare this.. disclaimer this

“I don’t care who you believe in, I’m not trying to offend a single soul”

back to what I was saying…

Just pray isn’t going to do anything.. you are setting yourself up to get walked over and letting life happen to you.. and not making things happen.

I don’t know how I’m going to pay my bill –  Honey just pray”

Umm no ma’am.. use your resources.. contact organizations that help with those sorts of time.. get on a budget go to a day labor.

Stop giving up and depending on prayer to get you through.. Don’t get me wrong.. prayer/ meditation is great.. it helps with the mind.. but even in the bible it says prayer with out works is dead. Meaning. just praying and no action is useless.

I swear the next person who say Just pray.. I’m going off on you.. so giving people ill advice.. tell them to get up off their ass and make it do what it do.

Alright.. back to your regular scheduled programs-




He asked me if I started writing..

I said what?..

he said.. your book..

I said.. what book?

He said .. the book about your life..

I said.. umm

I see what you did there..  lol

When a strong mind speaks to you.. you have no choice but to speak back..

He’s my mentor.. and he doesn’t even know it yet!


Facebook- I know you in real life..

It urns my nerves when I see folks post about how godly they are.. but outside of Facebook I see how you reek havoc on the people around them..

 if you don’t stop faking the funk!
 I know you curse a Lil bit.. I know you sip your wine and go to the jookin joint.. and part take in a booty call or 2..lol.. chill!

 That’s what get me about super religious folks.. they try their best to live up to a standard that is so far fetched.. they end up living a double lifestyle.

Just.. be.. you..

direction of life

With so much going on around me I have begin to question my direction of life. Like am I making a positive impact? am I doing this world a favor? Are my foot prints making a positive impact? So many questions.

I recently reconnected with a young lady that inspires me to think outside the box even more. She is younger that me, but her craving for understanding and life inspires me.

There is so much positive energy in the world, and lately its been attracted to me. A butterfly gave me a hi-five at the spring a few weeks ago..lol.

I’m not sure where I’m going, but I know this trip will be eventful.

ehh.. I don’t know

I do’t know if i want to be in love.. I don’t know if i want a relationship.. I don’t want the complication.. like seriously.. ain’t nobody got time fo’ that! I mean I love cuddling.. i love love and what not.. but I don’t think i want to really depend on someone for my happiness. MI don’t see what the hype is about…