A talk with Sharon

Yesterday I walked my kids to the park to play for a bit before sunset. There was this lady there, that some would label her mentally ill. As the kids were playing  it started to get dark, an I knew I couldn’t make it back home with two small kids in tow before the downfall. We went under the park shed where Sharon was eating her Chinese food and French fries to wait the rain out. Sharon began to talk and sing aimlessly about how beautiful Cheri is. My kids looked to me with a bit of fear. so I tried to calm them by making up games to play. Of course my daughter Lulu ask loudly “what is she talking about MA?” So I asked this lady what her name is.. trying to create dialogue without being forceful.. She then began to speak with this heavy African accent. She begin to tell me how she came here from Africa with a visa. She abruptly stop and said “oh goodness I have talked too much, forgive me.. please speak” I ok’ed her to continue to express herself. She asked me if I had my passport.. I told her no I don’t. She said why? you are privileged. Go and see the world.

And lose some belly fat…

Then she dismissed me with have a blessed day and went back to singing and talking with herself.

Well thank you Sharon. Thank you for putting some fire under me.. and my belly fat..lol


Motivation- Tidbit Flex

I’ve been enjoying my fitbit flex I received for Christmas. It has motivated me to push beyond what I’d regularly do throughout the day. My kids don’t mind the extra outside activities they get to join in on. Tonight the walked 16 flights of stairs with me! And they fell asleep in no time!


I need new Friends!


I need new friends who are adventurous and don’t mind getting a little dirty!

Before the summer is out i really want to try camping.. I’m a lil nervous, but that is on my personal list of this I want to before school starts back. My son is very hyped about it.

i can honestly say that i have met some new friends in the last few months that have truly inspired me.. Shout out to Betty and Monique!.. You ladies are truly gems!

Enjoy every day.. not just the weekend..

So my Doc told me to get rid of some of my stress..

In which most of it derives from work.

So  I began to take little rendezvous on my lunch breaks.

I have found some nice places , some thrift stores, and i even go fishing.. all within an hour.

I wonder what adventure I’ll encounter today?

Dear Dee


Hey Blogging world,

I will be starting an “ask Dee” segment where you write in for my advice, opinion, or any questions you would like for me to answer.

I will respond with a video or blog.

*disclaimer: I am not a certified.. I am working towards finishing my psychology degree, so take my advice with a grain of salt..lol

I do promise it will be genuine and witty advice.

Please send your questions , or anything you are seeking advice  to : understandingdee@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance.