chucking up the dueces


When you feel like chucking up the dueces.. putting on you flip flops, grab your keys and walk out..

Then you realize that you have a family that depends on you… you have a trip to Fiji you are saving up for.. and you don’t want to give those butt holes the satisfaction of seeing you quit.

But i’m cool tho.

Make me the strongest thing you have.. Shoe polish? sure

What a day!

I will not be cooking tonight..

I will not be going to church..

I will not answer my phone..

I will not sit on your porch and talk to you..

I will make sure my family is taken care of..

I will turn my ringer off..

I will turn on my TV and watch a Different World until i fall asleep..

I will have a better day tomorrow.

Funky Pig


Boy I tell you.. Someone will give you flowers to try to throw you off their scent! I tell you.. all the things my mom told me are now coming back to teach me a lesson. Never trust information from someone you don’t trust. One day I will tell y’all the story.. SMH.. Some folks will sacrifice their first-born to brown nose and get nowhere.

WTF is high hair?


lawd  why won’t they let me be great?.. not even 2 minutes after the last post.  another  co-worker asked me “oh you are wearing the high hair today?” bih  whaaa? (plies voice) I said no this is how Nubian Queens wear their hair. and he trotted over to the printer.. it’s not even 10am and they are already double dutching on my nerves.. these headphone are going on blast mode.. or maybe I should unplug them and let them hear the skorpion

ya’ll excuse me.. i look a lil rough this morning

Jesus be some tape over my mouth!


I’m almost to my point! This guy.. we will call him  Clifford..

He is working my ever-loving last nerve! His is testing my G! I try my best to be professional and reserved at work.. shoot even in public, but there is always this one  person that acts like an ingrown hair.

This guy always have to be right.. even when they are wrong. No one likes Clifford.. I don’t believe Clifford’s wife likes Clifford.

I really feel bad for him, but I can understand why he has no friend.

He’s one of those people who live their life through their work. Mr. I brought a boat today, and I’m going to drink a beer on my boat when I get off work.

Who gives a whoot?

What is the joy of having all these nice things, but no one wants to be around you?


I just shake my head when he starts acting like a port-a-potty.

OK.. rant over.. back to work



Me and Elsa are going to have a few words

Elsa must be mad at someone!.. She has frozen all of USA!.. Elsa why are you being petty? You could have left lil ol’ Florida alone.. Florida is always sunny!.. ooo but not this week.. I actually has to wear a coat today!.. I am LIVID!

I do feel bad for my cousins up north.. they are barricaded in their homes.. you know what happens when folks don’t have anything else to do… they (get your minds out the gutter)

Someone come get Elsa, before I put her in a full nelson.

Hatin' Elsa
Hatin’ Elsa

i can’t even stomach this


I am sitting in tear while watching this video.

This could have been me.

This could have been my family..

my babies..

This has to stop..

Not only did the officer lie and say that the license plate and description matched the vehicle in question.. but he handcuffed her and.


I am livid!

what if he was a special needs child and got out the car?

When does this happen to white families?

why are my people being mistreated and killed for no reason by the force that is supposed to help us?

this hurts my heart.

This is not just black and white..

this is people with authority that misuse it.

my head hurts.. I need to go for a walk.