So you’re and Adult, but you’re acting like a donkey?


I was truly going to rant and rave about someone this morning, but when i looked at the picture above, it made me

So I’ll spare you!!

Thank the God above, because I was going to let loose, and let have! bay bay! (in my hood voice)

Any-who… this is the phrase I use when my kids, or adults act like a complete fool.

” so you’re going to be a donkey today?”

Usually they are having a temper tantrum, or spazzing out. Quite frankly i can’t handle donkeys..


The good Lord has delivered me from carrying around little pebbles  to chunk at folks who act like donkeys (and I use to have road rage that a whole ‘nother post)

Now I can deal with it from kids, because all I have to so is give them a look, hold my hand up, and they get it together, buutttttttt

Adults, man.. you have to be selective on what and how you talk to them.. it can lead you to HR, or a fight.. neither of those I want.

I’ve decided that some folks need  ♣ a whole lot of leave alone.

♥You all have a wonderful day.. and don’t act a donkey!!!♥