Bihh don’t do it

In the great words of Kendrick Lamar.. ” bitch don’t kill my vibe” it always that one person.. I mean.. I have tried to get along with her.. but she is just toxic.. I know she has had a few tragic events in her life but that does not give her the right to be mean and bitter.. but I will not deal with her any longer. I have the powervibe to change my atmosphere.. and you are not invited into it.


Life is about choices

” Life is about choices young man” that’s what my brother alternative Ed teacher told my brother one conference night.. That quote stuck with me for almost 18 years.

This morning I had the choice to wake up and be bitter, I had the choice to wake up and be sweet.

I chose to be sweet.

15 minutes ago I had the choice to still be mad at some family members for something that happened some time ago, and I had to choice to get over it and continue life.

Last night I had the choice to be upset about not getting my good night call.. and I had the choice to go to bed and not over think.

I chose to be happy.. wether I like the outcome or not.. I Chose…

I’m going to choose to be optimistic today.. I hope you choose wisely.

Enjoy your Friday!

Jean day

I was feeding Suga Baby in my jeggings
I was feeding Suga Baby in my jeggings

So today is jeans day at work.. and umm I don’t have on jeans..

Folks do not understand the woes of a big booty and a smile.

I can’t go to target, wal-mart Rue 21, Forever 21 and pick up a pair of jeans..

I can’t even go to lane bryant for a pair.

It’s like finding a needle in a haystack when i find a pair of jeans that fit me somewhat right.

That’s why i opp to wear jeggings..

But jeggings are not allowed in the work place- le-sigh

Good morning

I was having a craptastic morning.. Some how my key ended up behind the aquarium.. King lost his shoe.. and Lulu refused to put on pants.. so we finally get out the house.. King run to the end of the lawn and yell “good morning” to my 90’y/o neighbor’s screen door. She comes out side and say good morning to every and told me ” honey you don’t know how much i look forward to those good mornings from ya’ll.. it makes my day and give me a reason to get up.” Its the little thing that help me bring life back into prospective.

Happy Friday

Going with the flow…

The last few days having been trying.. but its all good.. I’m just going to go with the flow.. Tomorrow I have been afforded the opportunity to network with a group of people who could possibly launch me to another level in my career a life.

Embracing the new..

and letting go of the old.

I’m just going to go with the flow.



I swear I can’t eat Chinese food!..

I have the craziest dreams..

Let me tell you all about it..

Well Me and one of my cousins flew to Atlanta, and we took the Marta Subway… So while we’re on the subway, we begin to talk .. our stop comes up and i grab my suitcases and jump off.. when I got off I realized I left my purse and phone.. you know i had to go back for that.. so as i go back the door begin to  close.. and I stuck my hand in and slide in.. The cart was empty.. and the lights begin to flicker on and off.. and on the  reader it said “going offline”.. I was like awe SHHHHHIII.. So the tram pulled into the maintenance station. And that’s when the craziness starts.. Its lights and ferris wheels .. then i go to the counter and i let the folks know that i wasn’t suppose to be on the trams but i left something on it. The dude start going off and he puts a bunch of high-priced clothes in front of me.. and tell me that these are my clothing.. and that i need to take them.. So i reached to take them and he was like “DEEZZ NUTS” “Ha GOT ” EEEM!  I was mad!.. Then this other guy comes from out of no where and was like you can have what ever you want in our unclaimed department.. So i turn around and there are thousands of shoes dazzling stilettos, platforms, wedges.. and all my size!

then my son woke me up..

Crazy right?

how to get rid of back fat.

If you though this was a wiki how to.. sorry to disappoint. I really want to lose some back fat before i turn 30..  my brothers always pinch my fat when we wrestle..

Yeah.. I’m writing aimlessly..

yeah I googled how to get rid of back fat..

yeah  I’m ready to go home.

Is it 5pm?