Gullah Gullah Island


As I was talking to a co-worker who visited South Carolina this weekend, I immediately though about Gullah Gullah  Island. Man I really loved that show when I was younger.

I would get out of school and rush home so that me and my brothers can tune in to Nick. I wanted to be apart for that family sooo

A few years ago I was reading an article about the sea Island and its residents and caught a show on PBS that really intrigued me.

Fast for to today, I have an urgent itch to read up more about the Gullah culture. I went in search of the cast, and came across the mother on the show Natalie Daise website Gullah Mama.  I just love her website!  I want my kids to know about the culture we have from Africa that is still practiced today. I most defiantly want to take a trip soon!.

Single mother discusses her not always easy Christian journey

The Amina Did an article on me and my family.. take a look.

Single mother discusses her not always easy Christian journey.

Annie is coming!

The anticipate movie Annie
The anticipate movie Annie

I’ve been waiting for this for some time now.. plus.. my daughter has.

This will be my daughter and I date night.

and Jamie.. yassssss Jamie.. I lub me some him.. but I’ll keep it under control in the movie

Hopefully Monday I can give you all a review  of the film.


Classism… Racism.. you don’t understand my plight..

It's worth something...
It’s worth something…

I never thought that I would have to deal with racism or classism so much this past year.

With everything going on in the news, it all is so overwhelming.

One thing I know for sure, is that you can not convince someone who doesn’t want to believe that racism is still alive and kicking.


I was brought up to believe that everyone has good in them no matter the race, color, or where they are from.

My family did not teach us to  love anyone any different then we loved our cousins ( you know everyone has that one crazy cousin that acts a donkey from time to time).

I’m glad that my family taught me that way of thinking, because if I was exposed to the media and the actual facts on what went on with black people, I  honestly admit i would be a jaded person with prejudice in my heart..

but thank goodness for a loving  level head mother.

With whats going on in Ferguson and across the united states isn’t just racism.. it’s also classism and authoritative power struggles.

Micheal Brown didn’t die just because he was black.. he died because someone with authority thought his life didn’t mean anything,, just like Eric Garner and many others.

I could go on and on about this subject.. but I won’t because I have two sons that will eventually be teenager, and it hurts my heart to think it could very well have been them laying in the street like discarded trash for over four hours.

Anyone who may read this, whether black, white, poor or wealthy.. look at it from a different prospective before you discuss this. It could have been your child, your niece, your nephew or neighbor.

What if it was private school  Ethan walking from the store.. what if it was Allison crossing the road, what if it was Sajiv walking in Walmart.


Life is precious.. value it.




I will cook breakfast all day.. everyday

augggh.. what a weekend.. let me sit down and tell you all about it.

My kids have no  chill.. i mean what so ever!..

Saturday mornings usually start at 6:30 and my oldest son is up looking for food.. i’m not talking about apples and peanut butter.. I mean Grits eggs and all the fixing.. So i try to satisfy the little animal in him with apples slices until at least 7:30/8.

So finally I go downstairs and fix my family breakfast. They already know that I love breakfast food, so they will be plenty.. here is a snap shot of what they usually get Saturdays and Sunday mornings.

break2 break3 break4 Brekfast1

Are your raising a monster? Giving children what is need.. and some of what they want.

Recently in a I’m in, a question arose about raising materialistic versus realistic children. This is near and dear to me. To give a bit of a back drop, I’m currently a mother of four children, ranging from eight  years old to three months old. When growing up I really didn’t  focus on clothing and other materialistic things until I was in high school and able to work to buy my own clothing.

When I receive one of my first paychecks some new shoes were out. The high heel timberland boot. They retailed at $120. That was practically my whole pay check! So I had to decide, Do I want these jazzy new shoes and no money for two weeks, or save my money and get them later. I decide to satisfy both. I shopped arriving and ended up paying. 40 bucks for some that look the same as the Timberlake boots, but without the price nor the tree emblem.

That leads me into the question: so we raise our children to be realistic or materialistic?  I’ve notice today that the media has pushed so much products onto our child’s forefront that’s is very difficult to dodge. This time of the year,just turning on the tv will have you going broke. I’m trying my best to have well rounded, compassionate, balanced children. I feel if we give them everything they want,  when they can’t have it, then what?

If I gave my daughter every new pair of shoes, clothing, or gadget that came out ,when I couldn’t me that demand anymore because of being laid off, a decrease of finances, or the child has gotten the privilege taken away What would she do to get them? Or on the other spectrum a child who never experienced new things because the parent didn’t have it or wanted to raise them frugal., you could possibly be creating a monster.

From Personal experience, I’ve seen where a child was raise a certain lifestyle, where image is everything. When the family walks out the fore,  everyone had to have on new clothing,Jordan’s and fresh hair cuts

. When the lifestyle couldn’t  be maintained the child stated acting out.  Also, see where a has went without any new clothing etcetera,  when getting to the age of making their own decisions,after being picked on my other children, they began to want what others have by any means necessary. That can lead to the child being rebellious,  stealing selling drugs,ans stealing to keep up with current fads. Both ends of the spectrums leads to unhealthy life styles if proper balance is not implemented effectively. We must raise our children to have a form of delayed gratification.

One way I teach my kids balance is enhancing their own personality, in which for the.most part is working. My son is four and will wear nothing but dusty cowboy boots, but on the other hand I have an eight year old who is self assured,but when in school is sometimes shunned  if she doesn’t have on the lastest high priced tennis shoes. Another fun family adventure that will help your child to have a healthy balance is taking them thrifting or yard selling. It will help them understand that beauty isn’t always in new items, sometimes use item are just as effective and stylish.  I’ll leave you with a quote that I most graciously stand by:

Do not educate Your child to be rich, educate him to be happy. when He grows up he will know the value of things, not the price.