Back to writing

Geez I haven’t wrote in quite a while..

Lets see if I can do a recap..


I got my heart broken.. 2 times ( ol sucka)

I got a promotion.. (yeah baby)

I ended a toxic friendship. (bye bish)

I made peace with some things in my pass. (namaste)

I took a major step identifying my short comings. (get’er done)

and I saved a bunch of money by not giving a fuck.

Oh and I’ve been saying no quite a bit which feels great!

2017 will be an adventure.. I plan on getting out more because 2016 humbled the entire hell out of me.. Shit I might write a book about


I’m Scared

I’m scared.. scared of disapointment.. scared of things that are uncharted.. scared of being vulnerable.. scared of being hurt.. scared of love. scared of being real with fake one..scared to die.. scarfed that something may happen to my kids.. scared that i may never find real love.. scared that my car may break down.. scared that i may lose my mom.. scared that a car might hit me.. scared that the president elect will fuck the world up even more..

But thats ok.

tell the truth Tuesday

Well to tell the truth I don’t know how I want to spend the rest of my life.. I know that I want to be love and to give love.. but as far as career/ job etc.. I’m at a lost.. I pray and ask the universe for direct.. until then.. I’m just gonna do what feels right.

What to do

I’ve been trying to get my affairs in order.. Get some type of organization in my crazy life. It’s been a challenge, but I’m finding my way.
The biggest lesson I’m learning is doing what’s best for me.
I’ve always thought of others and made my decisions on others feelings or possible reaction.

Ahhh.. This the going to be a great