The Blind Side… The movie I will never watch

Al right.. here we go..

I recently stumbled across an article about Leigh Anne Tuohy.

This is the lady that movie Blind side is based on.

Basically this Leigh adopted a black boy.. took care all of his needs.. so that she can get what she wanted.. him to play at Ole Miss.

Any who.. that’s not why I’m writing.

I could very well go into how this movie favors the “white savior'” or how blacks are depicted as being dumb and submissive, but once again.. that’s not what I’m here for.

The original Leigh Anne Tuohy recently posted on Facebook this pic and the below message:


We see what we want! It’s the gospel truth! These two were literally huddled over in a corner table nose to nose and the person with me said “I bet they are up to no good” well you know me… I walked over, told them to scoot over. After 10 seconds of dead silence I said so whats happening at this table? I get nothing.. I then explained it was my store and they should spill it… They showed me their phones and they were texting friends trying to scrape up $3.00 each for the high school basketball game! Well they left with smiles, money for popcorn and bus fare. We have to STOP judging people and assuming and pigeon holing people! Don’t judge a book by its cover or however you’d like to express the sentiment! Accept others and stopping seeing what you want to see!!!

Hold up..

wait a minute..

Two black  boys are in a store.. in which Leigh owns.. minding their own business, sitting at a table talking.  one of her guest says they are “up to no good” Why would you go and single them out? They are not breaking any rules. then you invade their privacy my “telling them to scoot over” and then they are silent for 10 seconds. Just from me reading that portion I can tell they didn’t want to be bothered.

But in steps the Savior.. forcefully..

I really dislike it.

for one these are not people that she knows.. they are patrons at her store. They were teenagers trying to get something done.

My self a parent.. i don’t alway interject when my kids are coming up with a plan.. so why would it be ok for a stranger to do so?

Then on top of that you pose and take a picture of you “good deed”?

Bye Felicia!

It’s not even a black or white thing.

What really grinds my gears is, if you want to do something nice for it without an audience.. without proving a point.

all in all,

I could be wrong.. I’m always looking for ways to grow.

Until next time..

ya’ll have a good-on’ !

Annie is coming!

The anticipate movie Annie
The anticipate movie Annie

I’ve been waiting for this for some time now.. plus.. my daughter has.

This will be my daughter and I date night.

and Jamie.. yassssss Jamie.. I lub me some him.. but I’ll keep it under control in the movie

Hopefully Monday I can give you all a review  of the film.