What one won’t teach me.. I will teach myself and teach others

Being told no doesn’t get me upset.. I honestly gives me power.. and some what of an adrenaline rush to get what I need and want. I thank the heavens for my mom.. she taught me early on to no accept no for and answer. Its like you tell me no.. ok.. now what are my options.. sit and sulk.. or get off my butt and make things happen.. I will always be an over achiever because of this.. what one won’t teach me.. I will teach myself.

Straight like that.

Get Thee Behind me Larry The Lobster


Larry the Lobster is getting on my nerves this Friday.. already!.. I had to just call me mom to cheer me up. Thank God for moms. They save you from saying a doing things that you will later regret.

Larry the Lobster you are the Donkey of the day.

Larry we are going to have a good day today.

Don’t do it if you have to eventually apologize.

Thanking my mom right now.. To recall, i am what you would call a ” shot straight from the hip” kind of person. Sometimes I can tell someone how i feel about something, without taking their emotions into considerations.

I think I’ve been choosing my words wisely lately.

I am a firm believer of “once its out your mouth.. you can’t take it back”.  So i advise everyone.. stop.. think about.. ask yourself.. does it really matter if i say this? will it hurt someone? will it bring pain?  and then respond.

Now I will admit.. if it is something i’m passionate about.. like my kids, my family etc.. then.. umm.. yeah.. you better put some ear muffs on.. you might get an ear full.

But I stand whole-heartedly about anything I say as of today, whether it ranges from family matters, politics, or life in general.


Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.