My bday weekend 

This year was amazing.. some lows and many highs! Closing out my bday wekend was  just what the doctor orders..  i enjoyed. Painting with my best friend.. and of course  i had to get fly and paint the city!.. I ended with some quite time on the beach with my chocolate.. hopefully for 32 i will be out of the country!!

Motivation- Tidbit Flex

I’ve been enjoying my fitbit flex I received for Christmas. It has motivated me to push beyond what I’d regularly do throughout the day. My kids don’t mind the extra outside activities they get to join in on. Tonight the walked 16 flights of stairs with me! And they fell asleep in no time!


Big Girl riding 12 miles on a bike.. Lawd help me!



I really want to train to do this cycling challenge..but i’m facing so many obstacles..

I have 2 months to train for this.. and I want to ride 12 miles.

But how is my big butt going to sit on that seat for 12 miles?

I’ve cut all breads and starches..

this is just a friendly reminder.. I will be mean!!!!

Don’t take it personal..

I pride myself for cooking for my family almost every night.. but last night I had a melt down about my potatoes.. I had to eat fish and green beans..

I know it will get worse as time goes.. but it’s for a good cause.

%100 of the funds are donated to Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.. 

so please donate and share.. oh.. and pray for my rump on that


To help support, follow the link:

Fashion Bomb for the Curvy Girl!


A lady is TIREDDD!! With two extra D; What can i say.. the show was epic.. we had models from all over the south NC, Arkansas, Cocoa Beach and more!. There were so many beautiful, confident women in the show. I was so happy to see women of all shapes and sizes hit the runway. What really took the cake was the talented designers that were in the building. Exotic Elegance owner/designer Rhonda Gray amazed me with the extravagant ensembles. Over all it was a great turn out. The house was packed, the vendors were on point.. and the message conveyed… BIG Girls Do It

(PS.. that’s me on the Runway)