Just pray about it.. chile please!

my soul is irritated.. Up and down my social media timeline.. I see people saying ” Just pray about”.. I have an issue with that..

Now let me declare this.. disclaimer this

“I don’t care who you believe in, I’m not trying to offend a single soul”

back to what I was saying…

Just pray isn’t going to do anything.. you are setting yourself up to get walked over and letting life happen to you.. and not making things happen.

I don’t know how I’m going to pay my bill –  Honey just pray”

Umm no ma’am.. use your resources.. contact organizations that help with those sorts of time.. get on a budget go to a day labor.

Stop giving up and depending on prayer to get you through.. Don’t get me wrong.. prayer/ meditation is great.. it helps with the mind.. but even in the bible it says prayer with out works is dead. Meaning. just praying and no action is useless.

I swear the next person who say Just pray.. I’m going off on you.. so giving people ill advice.. tell them to get up off their ass and make it do what it do.

Alright.. back to your regular scheduled programs-


It’s not you.. you’re perfect.. biiiiih

I’m so tired of hearing that.. like really.. If i’m so perfect.. why didn’t you want to be in a relation ship with me..

Dom.. you’re too good for me.. seriosly


man I’m like so tired of that like.. how about you step yourself up.. be the man I know you can be.. and we watch Love Jones and live happily ever after?

But nope.. that would be too easy…

Sorry guys i’m just venting


After writing my last though.. I realized that no matter how hard I work or accomplish.. I still will not be accepted by some. I’m black, I’m a woman, and I’m determined.

Yeah.. I kinda have 3 strikes..

But its all good.. Whats for me is for me..

On that note.. I’m signing out.. I have to be up at 5 am.. Can’t be around here looking like a zombie in the morning..lol

Good night

Jean day

I was feeding Suga Baby in my jeggings
I was feeding Suga Baby in my jeggings

So today is jeans day at work.. and umm I don’t have on jeans..

Folks do not understand the woes of a big booty and a smile.

I can’t go to target, wal-mart Rue 21, Forever 21 and pick up a pair of jeans..

I can’t even go to lane bryant for a pair.

It’s like finding a needle in a haystack when i find a pair of jeans that fit me somewhat right.

That’s why i opp to wear jeggings..

But jeggings are not allowed in the work place- le-sigh

That one brown noser: we will call her Judas


It’s nice to be nice..

But brown-nosing gets on my nerves!

It’s always that one person who over does it..  That goes the extra mile.. then goes another 2 more.

I feel bad because they may get some recognition, but everyone know their niceness is not coming from a genuine place.

They will throw to under the bus, to get a compliment or promotion.. then try to give you a hand and wipe  the tire tracks off your back.

There is always a brown noser in the workplace.

At church.

In your class.

In the PTA group.

And in your family.

Off with their heads!!

no i’m kidding..lol