Family Vacation- Bahamas

So I recently  came back from my family spring break vacation. The kids loved it.. I was our first cruise together to the Bahamas.. The first day I Got totally sick but I did try Guys Burger spot.. The burger was so good.. and it had so many topping that I couldn’t count.guys

osysterI tried the Oyster Rockafeller.. whick was to die for!


We took an excursion to Paridise  where the resort Atlantis is.. I will never pay to stay there! it’s too expensive.. I’d rather do Air BnB.. Checked out a few shop and the Queens staircasebahamasMy highlight was having fresh counch for the first time.. and when I tell you it was fresh!.. I mean straight out of the water .. cracked in front of me fresh!counch

that’s me at the captains dinner..deeee

It was a lovely vacation.. but momma needs a solo trip!

My bday weekend 

This year was amazing.. some lows and many highs! Closing out my bday wekend was  just what the doctor orders..  i enjoyed. Painting with my best friend.. and of course  i had to get fly and paint the city!.. I ended with some quite time on the beach with my chocolate.. hopefully for 32 i will be out of the country!!

My trip to the flea market.


This past Sunday, my son and I accompanied my aunt to the local flea market.. And not was it hot! I haven’t been to this particular flea market in over 20 years! It brought back so many memories of my grandmother. We would get up early Saturday morning on a quest to find shirts, paint, and unusual treasures.


This was my son first trip, so he was excited about all of the toys and food available, not to mention all of the older ladies that love babies.


We tired on hats, smelled oils and even found a Claire’s discount store. Saturday was a good day!


Soothe my soul



It’s about that time again in Florida. When the weather is nice and the breeze is just right!. I miss my beach days. This year I plan to take full advance of the sun and work on my I’m already the completion of Georgia sweet

But it relaxes me ,my  kids love it and the sleep well when we get home. I’ve always wanted a beach house for these purposes alone.

Baby i’m ready!

Yes Gawd!


So I just got confirmation that i will be Walking 5K instead of Cycling 12 miles!.. Yes lawd! There is a God this sits high.. and looks low, because lord know my rump would have to take Monday off because I would be in pain!

I’m about to hit the gym on my lunch break and try to clear 4 mile within the hour.

So if I have am Miami Blogger that are free this up coming weekend, Hit me up.. I will be ready to mingle after the opening ceremonies!

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