Accidently on purpose



 Day dreams


They all remind of you…

 Your face is fading when I think of you.

 I was going to title this unfinished business…

But we will finish this… either today… or in a couple of forevers.

I want to walk away… but I need the satisfaction…  I crave your presence… when you are so far away…

 I miss your smile… your chocolate skin.

 The way you feel when I hug you and I rub my fingers over the muscles in your back.


 This can’t be life.

 But limbo is excruciating.

I think about our first time on the beach… I remember what I wore… That orange dress… and you stood back and you said you just want to see me walk…

 Damn I liked that shit…

 That was my first time kissing you…

Your lips were so sweet… soft… perfect… mines… at least I thought they were.

I waited 6 months to kiss you… I swear we kissed for hours… I’ve never in my 31 years did that… it was new do me… and i liked it very much.

 But that was then… and this is now.

The consistency… the unsureness… the unknown… its heartbreaking.

 I know I’m not perfect nor are you… but I thought we were perfect for each other.

 I feel like I kept pulling you… pulling you into something that you didn’t want to do… or at least not with me.

(Sigh). I’m not sure what else to do… I tried moving on… seeing other people… but it doesn’t feel the same…

 I don’t want anyone but you…


 I not sure what to do… I’m not sure what to say… but I love you… and I care for you… You have sadness that I can feel whenever I touch you… I wanted to help ease that…

I feel so at peace when I’m with you… relaxed… carefree…

But then I think about reciprocity.

you won’t comunicate with me.. you won’t tell me what upsets you.. what makes you happy.. and that hurts.

 Enough for now.. my head hurts.



Lets take a long walk…

When i got off work today i decided to take my younger kids for a walk.. it wasnt that long.. just 4 blocks circle.. on the way back in i was this young man struggling to put on his cufflinks..I said “let me help you” he obligated.. it felt weird.. but he was very appreciative.. after i walked off about a block down the way i turned around Nd noticed he was struggling with his tie.. oh no brother.. you should have gotten dressed at

tell the truth Tuesday

Well to tell the truth I don’t know how I want to spend the rest of my life.. I know that I want to be love and to give love.. but as far as career/ job etc.. I’m at a lost.. I pray and ask the universe for direct.. until then.. I’m just gonna do what feels right.

Tell the Truth Tuesday


Tell the truth Tuesday…

I can’t stand for someone to string their shoes up tight.. I mean are they too big?

It just urks my last nerve.

I’ve actually broke up with someone because they wore the tennis shoes super tight. and they work socks with sandals.

Note: Any eligible bachelors please keep walking if you do this.

But I’m not vain

Jesus be some tape over my mouth!


I’m almost to my point! This guy.. we will call him  Clifford..

He is working my ever-loving last nerve! His is testing my G! I try my best to be professional and reserved at work.. shoot even in public, but there is always this one  person that acts like an ingrown hair.

This guy always have to be right.. even when they are wrong. No one likes Clifford.. I don’t believe Clifford’s wife likes Clifford.

I really feel bad for him, but I can understand why he has no friend.

He’s one of those people who live their life through their work. Mr. I brought a boat today, and I’m going to drink a beer on my boat when I get off work.

Who gives a whoot?

What is the joy of having all these nice things, but no one wants to be around you?


I just shake my head when he starts acting like a port-a-potty.

OK.. rant over.. back to work