Sorry love.. i’m all out of help

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed


I see you black man

Chocolate Inferno

I see you black man full of pride.

Walking with your chin up, chest out, and your shoulders back.

Strong, bold, and fearless.

Your presence commands attention when you walk into the room.

You arrived here in shackles and they try to keep you in those same chains.

Afraid of your power.

You were beaten down and separated from your family.

Sold to the highest bidder.

Yet, everyday you fight for your freedom and respect.

Trying to survive in a world that thinks your worth more dead than alive.

Protecting and providing for your family is your state of mind.

When you are out there hustling and on your grind.

They see you as a hoodlum, a nigga and a thug.

When we know that, you derived from mathematicians, inventors, scientist, and kings.

Ruling as far as the eye can see.

Envied for your masculinity, strength, will power, and virility.


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So hurricane Irma is on its way.. im out of work for a week.. its only so much luandry i can do.. so today i decide to bd a lazy ass.. i played games on my phone most of the day.. got the family to bed and now its time for tv.. i dont have cable to i brought out the good rabbit ears.. it made me think back to when I was younger.. we only had a hand full of channels. As i get comfortable i notice PBS.. man these show had been up upgrades!.. i didnt know there was so many good show! Not just educational.. but over all informative.. i choose this over cable and reality tv any day!