I am the author

venice2The morning is a new beginning.. you get to decide how your day will go.. Will I languish .. will I be forgiving.. will I reminisce about the old-time.. will i create new ones.

I am the author and the finisher.

I am happy.. even when I don’t want to be…

Life is beautiful.. but there is also pain..

But I won’t dwell on that..

I will enjoy the day..

I will get things accomplished..

and I will take a stroll in the mall.

I am the author.

I tired

I tried getting my closer yesterday.. I saw him.. still aloof.. still distance.. still not communicating.

Made plans.. never showed.

That shit burns.

But like every other difficult situation.. I get over it.

I refuse to be bitter and give up on love.

I’m just ready for love to love me back.