Labor day weekend

HEy guys! what’s good?

Well i’m super ready for this 3 day weekend.. I’m not 100% sure what i’m going to do, but I plan on going to the beach  and doing some fishing.. Maybe catch up on some reading.


But I def want to enjoy my family and myself.. Kinda wish I was going out of town or  somewhere in a hotel.. but a day off will suffice.


Any who.. enjoy your weekend.. and hopefully I will write more.

Tell the truth Tuesday

To tell the truth I dance to everything.. Like I have a soundtrack to every part of my life.. Right now I’m in my Anthony Hamilton stage where I’m in love with love.. southern kind of love.. so I’ve pretty much been shashaying around dancing to him..

But this pass Saturday I went on a night cruise  called Rock the Yacht- Reggae Island Fever and jooked the whole night!.. Just so happen my cousin Al was on there also along with my best-friend cousin etc.. we stayed on the dance floor!

So if you are ever next to me in traffic.. and you see me dancing in my car.. just gone head and find your song and dance too!

My bday weekend 

This year was amazing.. some lows and many highs! Closing out my bday wekend was  just what the doctor orders..  i enjoyed. Painting with my best friend.. and of course  i had to get fly and paint the city!.. I ended with some quite time on the beach with my chocolate.. hopefully for 32 i will be out of the country!!

Back in my arms

I’ve  seen the ocean in the morning while its calm..

And I’ve  seen a baby sleep in his mothers arms.

And I’ve  seen couples find each other in the dark..

And i see us together.. in my heart.

I’ve  seen colors on a canvas turn into art.

Ive seen people who search for answers in the stars.. 

And isee days when no one talk to me but God..And i see us back together..  in my heart

self- gifting

Every year I gift myself something special.. Rather its a trip, a car, or something i’ve always wanted to do. I’m having a hard time thinking of things for this up coming year.

I always do a “sow into my future” gift… and a “self love – total pleasure” gift.

I want to grow my photography business, so i know i will defiantly be spending big bucks to expand in that area.. but I want to invest in my education.. not %100 sure in what area.. but I know i will..

Now on to my “self-love total pleasure” gift.. the top of my list is Jamaica , Antigua… i’m not sure I will be able to wing Fiji but it’s on my list maybe i’ll leave that for the honeymoon.

This weekend I did a small “self gifting”.. I went and got a mani/ pedi and took myself to lunch. I don’t even remember the last time i did that!. I’m always paying for new shoes for the kids, field trips, extra curricular activities and other things, that i forget about my self.

When momma isn’t happy… no one is

An that made me happy this weekend.

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself..

Don’t wait around for someone else to do.. do it yourself.