Just made a song to changing A diaper..

I was just about to complain about making some stupid song while changing a diaper and say my life is boring.. But guess what.. My baby shared his grape with me!.. Slob and all… He said “mama here” mind you he is 16 months.. My kids are very talkative.. Except him.. I thought he would have a British accent when he start..lol Mr Grey poupon.. I love my life …soggy grapes. And all.


Black Friday

Ahh.. Good. Ol’ black Friday is here.. And do you know where I’m at.. I’m right here in my bed trying to convince my son that he’s not really hungry.
Last year I promised myself that I wouldn’t participate because of all the selfishness and meanness I seen last year on thanksgiving.
Last year in Wal-Mart I  saw an old man windmill (an special away for moving your arms to ward of the enemy) a lady because she was about to grab the last ride on Disney kid bike. It was total savagery and confusion.
All in all you saved a buck or two.. But the stress wasn’t worth it.

Also part of the reason I’m not going is because I’m a little low on cash..lol



After work my mom sent me to the store. After I completed her task, I decided to stop by the farmers market.
Look what I got for $11. The guy said “you have a beautiful spirit so I give to you for $11.” I was like “wow! Thank you hun!” Moral of the story..

Its nice to be nice..

I forgive too easily.. or forget



I forgive to easily.. or forget the other parties wrong doing so quickly..

In return they strike again like a serpent.

Forgetting how they made me feel.. forgetting I let them back in.

remember is half the battle.. never going back it the problem…