Happy Monday

On my way to work this morning.
On my way to work this morning.


I woke up feeling good..


No matter what is going on around you, you have the power to control how you perceive it..

Keep a smile on your face..and a laugh in your heart..


The nice nasty lady

This meme cracks me up!
This meme cracks me up!

(takes breath, roll shoulder blades and flex fingers before typing)

Song  for post: Kelis: I hate you

Man.. Geez.. Darn. .. Tuhh

from the beginning of civilization women have not been able to coincide .. peacefully.

In the stone age.. in elementary school.. swim team..college dorms.. and most definitely the work place.

It seems as though when a new women walks into the picture.. the other women size her up.

there is always one the is friendly,  one that is a total (insert b-word) the one I dislike the most is the nice nasty.

I always have to deal with the nice nasty.

That nice-nasty woman will only involve you in what she want to involve you in. whether its lunch with the co-workers, or a short-lived position on the cool girls team.

That is the one who is the least trust worth.

The nice nasty lady will use you as much as possible until she grows tired of you, and then will talk about you to her counterparts.

It’s very hard to expose the nice nasty lady.. from the outside looking in.. she seems so helpful… skillful.

But underneath.. she hates your guts.

Only a skilled observer can pick out the nice nasty lady..

but eventually her nasty attitude will seep out.

I am trying to think of positive ways to interacting with the nice nasty, it quite hard.

Nice/nasty isn’t limited to women.. I currently have to interact with a male one.. but they aren’t as bad.


well .. until next time.. just laugh uncontrollably when you see that person.. they will think you’re crazy.. everyone is a bit scared of crazy

baw ha-ha-ha baw-ha -ha-ha





Andre 3000 asks: “Across cultures, darker people suffer most. Why?”

This is not just a US of A issue.. Thoughts please..

Me Against Iniquity: Understanding the Complexities of Global White Supremacy (Racism) Through The Eyes of an Educated Black Man


I just saw an article on Complex on an exhibit taking place at Art Basel in Miami Beach, FL where Andre 3000 of Outkast is displaying the 47 jumpsuits he wore during their reunion tour this year. Each jumpsuit had a message and this one in particular caught my eye. Food for thought. Global white/ “Jewish” supremacy (racism) is bigger than a United States of America issue…

To see more images from the exhibit, go here: http://www.complex.com/style/2014/12/andre-3000-jumpsuits-art-basel.

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Big Girl riding 12 miles on a bike.. Lawd help me!



I really want to train to do this cycling challenge..but i’m facing so many obstacles..

I have 2 months to train for this.. and I want to ride 12 miles.

But how is my big butt going to sit on that seat for 12 miles?

I’ve cut all breads and starches..

this is just a friendly reminder.. I will be mean!!!!

Don’t take it personal..

I pride myself for cooking for my family almost every night.. but last night I had a melt down about my potatoes.. I had to eat fish and green beans..

I know it will get worse as time goes.. but it’s for a good cause.

%100 of the funds are donated to Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.. 

so please donate and share.. oh.. and pray for my rump on that bike..lol


To help support, follow the link:



Classism… Racism.. you don’t understand my plight..

It's worth something...
It’s worth something…

I never thought that I would have to deal with racism or classism so much this past year.

With everything going on in the news, it all is so overwhelming.

One thing I know for sure, is that you can not convince someone who doesn’t want to believe that racism is still alive and kicking.


I was brought up to believe that everyone has good in them no matter the race, color, or where they are from.

My family did not teach us to  love anyone any different then we loved our cousins ( you know everyone has that one crazy cousin that acts a donkey from time to time).

I’m glad that my family taught me that way of thinking, because if I was exposed to the media and the actual facts on what went on with black people, I  honestly admit i would be a jaded person with prejudice in my heart..

but thank goodness for a loving  level head mother.

With whats going on in Ferguson and across the united states isn’t just racism.. it’s also classism and authoritative power struggles.

Micheal Brown didn’t die just because he was black.. he died because someone with authority thought his life didn’t mean anything,, just like Eric Garner and many others.

I could go on and on about this subject.. but I won’t because I have two sons that will eventually be teenager, and it hurts my heart to think it could very well have been them laying in the street like discarded trash for over four hours.

Anyone who may read this, whether black, white, poor or wealthy.. look at it from a different prospective before you discuss this. It could have been your child, your niece, your nephew or neighbor.

What if it was private school  Ethan walking from the store.. what if it was Allison crossing the road, what if it was Sajiv walking in Walmart.


Life is precious.. value it.




Dear Facebook friends.. If I can’t borrow money from you..we can’t be friends any longer

No New Facebook Friends
No New Facebook Friends

After my week hiatus from Facebook and Instagram.. I am a bit embarrassed.

I noticed that I was a complete over sharer to people who I can’t possibly borrow money from.

Let me  explain.

So many “friends” we privy to my family pictures.. my emotions, and my over all view… But why?

Half for them are family, the other half, if I saw them on the street, they wouldn’t even speak to me.

If I can’t have a decent conversation with you on the phone nor on the sidewalk, you can’t see my vacation pictures, or my 1 y/o sliding down the stairs and landing in a split.

So bottom line.. if I can’t borrow money from you (most family members I can, but won’t) the we can no longer be friends…

Thank ya.. and God bless