I forgive too easily.. or forget



I forgive to easily.. or forget the other parties wrong doing so quickly..

In return they strike again like a serpent.

Forgetting how they made me feel.. forgetting I let them back in.

remember is half the battle.. never going back it the problem…




Evaluation.. E- val- you- ation

Sometimes people take relationships for granted.. rather its friendships, intimate relationship or kinship.

Periodically its best to evaluate those “ships”, because those “ships could be taking you into a treacherous storm.

I once had a friendship that was all take and no give..

I would always buy lunch, I would do most of the calling and ” checking up” on the other person and give advice.

there was no reciprocity..

That becomes tiresome over time.

Starting to feel like that again..  I think its time to pull out the scissors and do some clipping.

Change is good.. and its working for me..

Go Fund Me- The new and improved way of begging..

go fund me

Over the last 2 weeks I have seen over 15 pleas of for help.. ranging from  help to pay for medical expenses for a new heart (in which I donated to)

To a prostitute asking for money to help pay for a stay in a hotel room and hopefully get an apartment so they can turn their tricks in peace. ( I can’t make this stuff up)

I was like.. hey why not.. I need to get me one..

Mama needs a new car..


like seriously.. So if you find it in your ever-loving heart.. click the link below and drop a dime or 20 towards me getting a new car..

I promise to take lil old ladies to the grocery store on Sundays after church..lol

And shout out to my mom for the $5 ..  I can get a gallon of gas.



That dry a$$ Turkey

Crunky Turkey
Crunchy Turkey

LOL I just laughed out loud when I wrote that heading and looked a the picture.

But seriously.. no one want to eat dry turkey.. not slice, not diced nor shaved.

I remember there was a  certain family member that cooked a turkey for thanksgiving..

and boy when I tell you that turkey was solid as a rock and drier than sandpaper.

Everyone doused that turkey in gravy, water, and any other moisture that we could find.

Here are a few pointer on making a juicy turkey:

  1.  Fresh, never frozen (optional) The fresher the turkey.. the better it taste and the more natural moisture it holds.
  2.  Inject. I inject butter and herb under the skin and in the meat before and throughout the cooking process.
  3.  Baze. As my cousin Shawana would say “baze that thang” I like to bathe the turkey in broth and collected juices as its cooking.
  4.  Rotate! Rotate you turkey periodically during the cooking process. I like to start with my turkey on it’s back. Legs up baby!
  5.  Take a chill pill. Let the Turkey gather its thoughts before you go chopping it up, you lose good juice if you cut into it too early

Please I ask of you.. save a relationship.

Don’t let that person who can’t cook, make the turkey…

Because I for one.. will talk about you for the ENTIRE year…lol

Being nice to nasty people

I can’t deal..

It is very hard being nice and warm to people who are nasty and cold spirited.

Growing up we as kids are taught ” Do until others, as you would have them due unto you”..


Man F&%* that ish..i’m not doing that anymore.. i’m treating them how they treat me

ok that’s all.. I’ve vented.. back to your regular scheduled program..lol


why does something so bad,, feels sooo good!

Netflix Motto
Netflix Motto

Bay-Bay, I love my Netflix and ice cream.. but my wrap dresses hate me now.


I have been super stressed out from work and life in general for the pass 4 months.

So when I finally have some down time, when the kids are asleep and with my phone on airplane mode I indulge with a capital G!

I get my ratty old blanket that I found at the salvation Army for $2 and 3 dimes, my Publix New Orleans Caramel Praline Ice Cream, my Wii remote and get lost in the sauce!

I just want to tell you:

Thank you for being a friend,

travel down this road and back again,

your heart is true,

you’re a pal and a confidant!!

Netflix and sweet ice cream..


Publix Premium - New Orleans Caramel Praline Ice Cream
Publix Premium – New Orleans Caramel Praline Ice Cream

I just have to do an extra mile on my bike so that I can stay wine fine..lol


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