It wouldn’t be right if i didn’t post Dinner

Her are a few of my dinner plates.. I want to start coking more diverse food.. but my family love southern food.

This is what i cook yesterday.
This is what i cook yesterday.

Here are a few more random food pics.

Ribs, red potatoes and string beans
Ribs, red potatoes and string beans
Roasted chicken Yellow ricw and black beans
Roasted chicken Yellow rice and black beans
Fish Noodles peppers and String beans.
Fish Noodles peppers and String beans.
Curry Chicken beans and rice
Curry Chicken beans and rice.

Let me know what you think!


Are your raising a monster? Giving children what is need.. and some of what they want.


The Understanding of Dee

Recently in a I’m in, a question arose about raising materialistic versus realistic children. This is near and dear to me. To give a bit of a back drop, I’m currently a mother of four children, ranging from eight  years old to three months old. When growing up I really didn’t  focus on clothing and other materialistic things until I was in high school and able to work to buy my own clothing. When I receive one of my first paychecks some new shoes were out. The high heel timberland boot. They retailed at $120. That was practically my whole pay check! So I had to decide, Do I want these jazzy new shoes and no money for two weeks, or save my money and get them later. I decide to satisfy both. I shopped arriving and ended up paying. 40 bucks for some that look the same as…

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I will cook breakfast all day.. everyday

augggh.. what a weekend.. let me sit down and tell you all about it.

My kids have no  chill.. i mean what so ever!..

Saturday mornings usually start at 6:30 and my oldest son is up looking for food.. i’m not talking about apples and peanut butter.. I mean Grits eggs and all the fixing.. So i try to satisfy the little animal in him with apples slices until at least 7:30/8.

So finally I go downstairs and fix my family breakfast. They already know that I love breakfast food, so they will be plenty.. here is a snap shot of what they usually get Saturdays and Sunday mornings.

break2 break3 break4 Brekfast1

So you’re and Adult, but you’re acting like a donkey?


I was truly going to rant and rave about someone this morning, but when i looked at the picture above, it made me

So I’ll spare you!!

Thank the God above, because I was going to let loose, and let have! bay bay! (in my hood voice)

Any-who… this is the phrase I use when my kids, or adults act like a complete fool.

” so you’re going to be a donkey today?”

Usually they are having a temper tantrum, or spazzing out. Quite frankly i can’t handle donkeys..


The good Lord has delivered me from carrying around little pebbles  to chunk at folks who act like donkeys (and I use to have road rage that a whole ‘nother post)

Now I can deal with it from kids, because all I have to so is give them a look, hold my hand up, and they get it together, buutttttttt

Adults, man.. you have to be selective on what and how you talk to them.. it can lead you to HR, or a fight.. neither of those I want.

I’ve decided that some folks need  ♣ a whole lot of leave alone.

♥You all have a wonderful day.. and don’t act a donkey!!!♥

Sorry, Mom


Bad Parenting 101

From www.loving From http://www.loving

It has recently come to my attention that a number of the most annoying things my kids do are exactly the same things I did to drive my mom crazy as a child. It would be reasonable to assume that such self-reflection would make me more patient and forgiving, but sadly this is not the case. It does prompt me to beg for my mother’s forgiveness, however. Better late than never.

Dear Mom,

I’m so sorry that I:

  • wandered off with the good kitchen shears/scotch tape/screwdriver/all the pens that work and then lost track of them.
  • dropped my backpack, coat, lunch box, boots, bags, and everything I owned in the doorway, leaving it for everyone to trip over.
  • used up all of the toilet paper and then proceeded to use up all of the Kleenex instead of hunting for a new roll.
  • interrupted you for the 23rd time in a row.

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If you don’t shut the h^&#* up!

(disclaimer I’m going to be a potty mouth for a few.. I usually don’t curse.. but I’m


Shhhhhhit.. i’m pissed.. I hate when I know some information and is hurting someone, or completely in the dark and I’m forced to be quite. The problem is.. sometimes I have no filter.. and it’s not what I’m saying.. but it’s how I deliver it.

I’ve notice for quite some time that i have a gift with words.. i can uplift you.. or I can bring you to your knees.. Lately I’ve decided to be uplifting.. but some people know how to push a lady buttons!

Don’t you dare sit on your high horse thinking you are better than someone else and their situation, but quite as kept.. you have some skeleton in your closet that are twerking and ready to get loose..

but i digress.

I hate to see anyone that I love being hurt by the hands of someone who is doing the hurting for their own person gain..

but when I speak on it.. I usually get blamed  and is at fault. I’m learning to keep my  kisser closed.. and watch from the sideline..

Any who.. I’m going to sit her and drink the blueberry tea and mind my own got-damn business.

Two tear in a bucket.. muthaf&(%# it!