Stop Hating

“Hate On Me”

Jill Scott- Hate on me
Jill Scott- Hate on me
If I could give you the world
On a silver platter
Would even matter
You’d still be mad at me
If I can find in all this
A dozen roses
Which I would give to you
You’d still be miserable
In reality
I’m gon be who I be
And I don’t feel no faults
For all the lies that you bought
You can try as you may
Break me down when I say

That it ain’t up to you
Gon on do what you do

Hate on me hater
Now or Later
Cause I’m gonna do me
You’ll be made baby

(Go head and hate)
Go head and hate on me hater
I’m not afraid of
What I got I paid for
You can hate on me…

Ooh if I gave you peaches
Out of my on garden
And I made you a peach cobbler
Would you slap me out?
Wonder if I gave you diamonds
Out of my on womb
Would you feel the love in that
Or ask why not the moon
If I gave you sanity
For the whole of humanity
Had all the solutions for the pain and pollution
No Matter Where I live
Despite the things I give
You’ll always be this way
So go ahead and …

You Cannot…
Hate On me
Cause my mind is free
Feel my destiny
So Shall it Be


Horrible Bosses

Movie horrible Bosses- this is not my image, i'm just borrowing it.. don't try to sue me.. all i have to my name is dirty diapers and old cereal at the bottom of my purse.
Movie horrible Bosses- this is not my image, i’m just borrowing it.. don’t try to sue me.. all i have to my name is dirty diapers and old cereal at the bottom of my purse.

It is very hard dealing with rude, condescending people, and really unbearable deal with some one how is over you.

When I entered the work scene at the age of 14, my first job was working at Winn Dixie as a bag girl. Awe man I loved that job. I only worked 4 hours on Saturday, and 4 hours on Sunday. Life was sweet. I would bag up grocery.. ride a round on the handicap chairs and eat damaged

Until Ms HBIC (name changed to protect the non- innocent)  decided to let her wrath out on me. She would torment me. Had me do awful jobs like scraping slug out from under the cashier tables cleaning the grout in the restroom.

But on one beautiful Sunday.. I decided to call in enjoy Sunday at church with my family. I get a call at 6pm from one of my friends at work and she told me the store got robbed!.. i was like what!!.. and she said they locked Ms. HBIC in the freezer!! I cried laughing!.. God don’t like ugly.  She was in the meat freezer for at least 30 minutes.. That day i quit.

One reason was the robbery, the second is i didn’t want to work for someone who hated me and treated me like cow dung.. but it seems like I am back in the same position again. This is a bit worse.

The bad part is I have a family that need my income and i just can’t up and quit.. I’ve been going through this for over two years now.. And it just not the bosses. Its the co-workers also. I’ve dealt with racist jokes, picked on, and ostracized to the max.. but i have to keep going when i don’t feel like it.

For some odd reason I know that God has me here for a purpose, and for every one person here that treats me rude, and gives me evil stares.. there is one person that buys me lunch, send me a smiley face, encourages me, and goes to bat for me. So for that I am grateful.. and shout out to HR.. they are the real MVPs.


Clubbing Daze!!

Back in the day when I was young.. I’m not a kids anymore!..

Centro Ybor
Centro Ybor

Man those were the days!

After i graduated high school I was in a clubbing frenzy! I mean I would go to a club every night if i could. When it was time for college I moved out the house and moved with my sister. I had no parental barriers, you know I we buck WILD!.. I thought i had it all together. I designed my college schedule to go to class a super early and end at noon, Monday  Thursday. I’d work from 2-8 and after that.. LET THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN!!

I had my squad (a group of down chicks) of four Lisha, Quanda, and Shawn. We sometimes add more girls, but those were my P.I.C.. (partners on crime). we would all meet at my house and prep for the night..

Where I’m from there were UBER clubs.. we have a street with over 20 clubs on one strip.. so we had  the pick of the litter all night.

Let me break down our weekend schedule:

Thursday: Club Fuel

Friday: Club XS

Saturday: The Underground/ Zoo

Sunday: Club XS or 112

we always got in free and drank for free.. and I was always the designated driver (certified water

Man those were the Daze, the weekend always went by with fun, laughter, and add memories to the exiting book we were creating.

Each of us girl had are own style of dressing and our own personality.. we rarely clashed.

I miss those days.. not the clubbing (I’m a mommy now) but the friendships with no strain, fun with my peers.. now i have to have a month’s notice before we can hang out. But its all good.. I will always have those memories..

A trip to Orlando- That's me in the Pink.
A trip to Orlando- That’s me in the Pink.

And boy do we have a bunch.. I’m LOL right now thinking about some of the boyfriend hideouts we went on and scandals we I need to write a book!

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Celibacy.. ehhh.. why not?

Umm.. this just came to mind.. Not sure where this topic is going, but come along for the ride.. It may be bumpy.. it may not be.. but I’m just free styling.

Celibacy.. ..celibacy.. but why? hmm?

Relationship without stability and a positive future should not connect on a level . There are so many unwarranted feelings and false sense of hope that derive from having intercourse with someone who you are not emotionally connected to, nor have a special bond with that has taken time to mature.

I feel that wham bam thank -you maam are ventures to patch a never-ending black hole in someone’s heart. The hole that was started by an absent parent, a non-nurturing care giver etc.. and as time went alone it got bigger from rejection.

I’m starting to feel that once sex become recreational.. it looses its luster, passion, inter-connect.. if that makes sense.

I think everyone craves a connection that is not only sexual lace.. but telepathic if possible. Where if that special someone walks into the room you can feel that energy..

I believe the connection weakens if it’s not honed on that one person.. and if you don’t have that one person, you are wasting it.

everyone wants to be loved, but does everyone want to love?

Once the sacred act is committed.. is there no going back?

Should we keep one of the methods of communication under wraps until we selected that special someone?

Please take the quiz below to let me know what you think.

It wouldn’t be right if i didn’t post Dinner

Her are a few of my dinner plates.. I want to start coking more diverse food.. but my family love southern food.

This is what i cook yesterday.
This is what i cook yesterday.

Here are a few more random food pics.

Ribs, red potatoes and string beans
Ribs, red potatoes and string beans
Roasted chicken Yellow ricw and black beans
Roasted chicken Yellow rice and black beans
Fish Noodles peppers and String beans.
Fish Noodles peppers and String beans.
Curry Chicken beans and rice
Curry Chicken beans and rice.

Let me know what you think!

Are your raising a monster? Giving children what is need.. and some of what they want.


The Understanding of Dee

Recently in a I’m in, a question arose about raising materialistic versus realistic children. This is near and dear to me. To give a bit of a back drop, I’m currently a mother of four children, ranging from eight  years old to three months old. When growing up I really didn’t  focus on clothing and other materialistic things until I was in high school and able to work to buy my own clothing. When I receive one of my first paychecks some new shoes were out. The high heel timberland boot. They retailed at $120. That was practically my whole pay check! So I had to decide, Do I want these jazzy new shoes and no money for two weeks, or save my money and get them later. I decide to satisfy both. I shopped arriving and ended up paying. 40 bucks for some that look the same as…

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I will cook breakfast all day.. everyday

augggh.. what a weekend.. let me sit down and tell you all about it.

My kids have no  chill.. i mean what so ever!..

Saturday mornings usually start at 6:30 and my oldest son is up looking for food.. i’m not talking about apples and peanut butter.. I mean Grits eggs and all the fixing.. So i try to satisfy the little animal in him with apples slices until at least 7:30/8.

So finally I go downstairs and fix my family breakfast. They already know that I love breakfast food, so they will be plenty.. here is a snap shot of what they usually get Saturdays and Sunday mornings.

break2 break3 break4 Brekfast1