If you don’t shut the h^&#* up!

(disclaimer I’m going to be a potty mouth for a few.. I usually don’t curse.. but I’m grown..lol)


Shhhhhhit.. i’m pissed.. I hate when I know some information and is hurting someone, or completely in the dark and I’m forced to be quite. The problem is.. sometimes I have no filter.. and it’s not what I’m saying.. but it’s how I deliver it.

I’ve notice for quite some time that i have a gift with words.. i can uplift you.. or I can bring you to your knees.. Lately I’ve decided to be uplifting.. but some people know how to push a lady buttons!

Don’t you dare sit on your high horse thinking you are better than someone else and their situation, but quite as kept.. you have some skeleton in your closet that are twerking and ready to get loose..

but i digress.

I hate to see anyone that I love being hurt by the hands of someone who is doing the hurting for their own person gain..

but when I speak on it.. I usually get blamed  and is at fault. I’m learning to keep my  kisser closed.. and watch from the sideline..

Any who.. I’m going to sit her and drink the blueberry tea and mind my own got-damn business.

Two tear in a bucket.. muthaf&(%# it!


Yaaaassss!! this music tho!

Nothing like listening to some good music while working.. I’m currently listening to Kut Klose- I Like .. i can listen to this song every day all day.. it makes me feel all sensual and stuff (i said that in my hood voice..lol)


When I have a different mood are i feel some sort of way.. music helps me situate my feelings.. When I feel joyful.. I put Tye Trribbett on blast.. he has happy-go-luck gospel feel to it.


My favorite of all time is Fred Hammond. He’s a gospel singer specializing  in praise and worship. It makes me feel a gitty and thankful.


I love music.. i wish i lived in the country where i can blast my music all day and all night without any disturbance.. or disturbing others.

I want a love story.. PRONTO!

Ughh.. I want a romance from a cheap romance book from Wal-mart.. lol (I truly laughed out loud when  I wrote this).. I want one of those over night fall in love, damsel in distress, knight in shining armour rescue dudes to pick me up while I’m searching for a ripe tomato in the product section.

Let me take you back for a moment. In high school, I was not interested in anything.. so my mom (I think) told my aunt to get me involved into reading.. So my aunt gave me a butt load of romance novels to read. I became obsessed. I would sometimes complete a book in a day.

That leads me to my so-called dilemma.. I begin to think that  that’s how life is.. I would find my soul mate at the grocery store.. or some one would snatch my purse (yeah really..lol) and my rescuer would sweep me off my feet and take me to a hideaway and pamper me.. then we would make sweet love and eat pears..lol


Then reality struck. when I was 18. and I was left dazed and confused..

and all of the 90’s movies didn’t make it any better i.e: Love Jones Love and Basketball

I still hope for romance with a complete gentlemen.. but I’ve taken my rose-colored glasses off.. and I’m deciding to ride this thing out..


There is HOPE!



Fashion Bomb for the Curvy Girl!


A lady is TIREDDD!! With two extra D;s..lol. What can i say.. the show was epic.. we had models from all over the south NC, Arkansas, Cocoa Beach and more!. There were so many beautiful, confident women in the show. I was so happy to see women of all shapes and sizes hit the runway. What really took the cake was the talented designers that were in the building. Exotic Elegance owner/designer Rhonda Gray amazed me with the extravagant ensembles. Over all it was a great turn out. The house was packed, the vendors were on point.. and the message conveyed… BIG Girls Do It Better..lol

(PS.. that’s me on the Runway)

This pressure!!!




Melt down in 3…2…1..

Geez.. its easy to get overwhelmed with the wilds of life. The necessary hustle and bustle can weigh us down going into the holidays. This week i was encouraged by a professional to take a step back and just evaluate my life. Find out who belongs, and who needs to leave. What needs to  thrown away, and what should stay. When speaking  with someone who has an unbiased opinion of your life, you began to see this that were already there, but no one wants to address. I encourage to seek help when you feel overwhelmed, or just to  situate some of your feeling.

Three things that can  help relieve stress:

Get 7-8 hours of sleep a day:



Eat a well-balanced breakfast and healthy meals:




Exercise 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes:




If you begin to do these three things, you will see that you awake less groggy, irritable and ready for the day.


At anytime if you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn contact your local Crisis center or check out the website below:



You may also call our 24-hour Crisis Lines at 775-784-8090 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 to speak immediately with a crisis interventionist.

Life… what is it? What isn’t it? Why come? (my kids voice) I question sometimes.. What is the point of it all? Is life  just a bunch of memories? When does living begin? What is happiness? What is LOVE? so many question.. but no definite answers.. maybe it’s not meant to be defined.. .. just lived…