Evaluate. Constantly

Its a part of self preservation



So hurricane Irma is on its way.. im out of work for a week.. its only so much luandry i can do.. so today i decide to bd a lazy ass.. i played games on my phone most of the day.. got the family to bed and now its time for tv.. i dont have cable to i brought out the good rabbit ears.. it made me think back to when I was younger.. we only had a hand full of channels. As i get comfortable i notice PBS.. man these show had been up upgrades!.. i didnt know there was so many good show! Not just educational.. but over all informative.. i choose this over cable and reality tv any day!

Labor day weekend

HEy guys! what’s good?

Well i’m super ready for this 3 day weekend.. I’m not 100% sure what i’m going to do, but I plan on going to the beach ¬†and doing some fishing.. Maybe catch up on some reading.


But I def want to enjoy my family and myself.. Kinda wish I was going out of town or  somewhere in a hotel.. but a day off will suffice.


Any who.. enjoy your weekend.. and hopefully I will write more.

Is this love?

Why you got me so obsessed with you?
Why you got me wasting time laying next to you?
Why do you tell me, “come over, ” to watch you just stare at your phone?
Don’t know why I expected you
To give me attention, affection and love
You’re like a drug, never enough
Can’t take you high, need a new plug
You got me been, got me way too messed up
And I don’t know why I’m even still here
Can’t shake it off, I’ve been here for years on top of years
And I, I’m ready to, I’m ready to, be off of you
‘Cause I admit, that baby I, I just may be stuck on you