Diced pineapples

Diced pineapple, tonight you shall reach a height that the sky won’t catch you
The highest form of my admiration
And I ain’t no connoisseur but I’m kinda sure you will admire my taste
But before the sun graze ya
I’m tryin to see how deep you are
And believe me shorty I ain’t talking about no intimate conversation
I wanna see if I can make you reach things unobtainable
When I peek into your nature
And I promise you my goals well exceed any physical pleasure
I wanna, give you whats better than better
The better my effort, the wetter her treasure
The more these mere moments seem like heavens or temporary forevers
Shorty get it together
Diced pineapple
May your love come down so my mind might have you
You designed my imagination
Let me redefine foreplay so you need five and
Tell me shorty you got it baby
If its not it baby, hope its progress baby
Let it all drip baby
If you stop that shaking, no more talking baby, no more talking baby



WTF Wednesday



So today is What The Fuck Wednesday..

Yeah I have have this new found love of cursing.. It makes me laugh a bit..lol

Any who.. have you ever has some shit that just came out of no where and you are left saying WTF?? like over and over again?

Well yea.. that has been happening to me quite often..

I enjoy it and look back and say.. WHAT The   FFFFFUUCCKKKK ..lol

Back to writing

2016 humbled the fuck out of me!.. lol

The Understanding of Dee

Geez I haven’t wrote in quite a while..

Lets see if I can do a recap..


I got my heart broken.. 2 times ( ol sucka)

I got a promotion.. (yeah baby)

I ended a toxic friendship. (bye bish)

I made peace with some things in my pass. (namaste)

I took a major step identifying my short comings. (get’er done)

and I saved a bunch of money by not giving a fuck.

Oh and I’ve been saying no quite a bit which feels great!

2017 will be an adventure.. I plan on getting out more because 2016 humbled the entire hell out of me.. Shit I might write a book about 2016..lol


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I need some real good lovin…

I need some real good lovin’
Cause I’m troubled by the things that I see
I need some real good lovin’
Cause ain’t nobody been around here lovin’ on me

I got a empty hole in my chest
How do I fill it? Somebody give a prescription
I guess I gotta learn to live with regrets
Pay for mistakes and your exes take a commission
But what’s a percent off the top when you hit the bottom
After you break up wondering how to live without ’em?
Need solutions, less problems
Cause if love will drive you crazy I belong in the insane asylum
Hear the rain, feel the pain inside ’em
Kinda lost, need someone to guide ’em
It’s nothin’ worse than feelin’ alone