Today I decided I’m running away

Baby today I’m running away.. I honestly can’t take it anymore..

I mean what can I say? this was long over due.. and I was not satisfied.

So baby I’m running.. I’m running from comfort and from mediocrity..

If I ever plan to live the life I want, I have to leave comfort behind.

Today I made my choice to speak to the universe and tell myself it will be ok..

I deserve every good thing that is coming my way.

passion, love, good energy, peace.. assurance

and it feels oh so go to leave..

opportunity is waiting for me..


What’s on my mind Monday

Ahh what a weekend!..

I can say I enjoyed myself.. and I enjoyed my family and friends.

whats on my mind? hmm.. a lot of things..

First thing is someone could say nothing.. and that could tell you everything you need to know.

Closure may not be the best thing in some instances.. and I’m trying to be ok with that.

Another thing that’s on my mind is that when you look good.. and feel good.. other can see and its something like a scent is set off in the atmosphere. Sometimes you mood may be off because of certain situation, but once you change your mindset.. you can see the brighter side of any situation.

Right now I’m in an ok spot.. my bills are paid.. my kids love me.. and I’m breathing.. so that’s a + right?

What one won’t teach me.. I will teach myself and teach others

Being told no doesn’t get me upset.. I honestly gives me power.. and some what of an adrenaline rush to get what I need and want. I thank the heavens for my mom.. she taught me early on to no accept no for and answer. Its like you tell me no.. ok.. now what are my options.. sit and sulk.. or get off my butt and make things happen.. I will always be an over achiever because of this.. what one won’t teach me.. I will teach myself.

Straight like that.

tell the truth Tuesday

Well to tell the truth I don’t know how I want to spend the rest of my life.. I know that I want to be love and to give love.. but as far as career/ job etc.. I’m at a lost.. I pray and ask the universe for direct.. until then.. I’m just gonna do what feels right.