using the love languages

Had the pleasure of sitting on the panel to discuss love languages and using them.. let me know what you think.. also Live the video and subscribe to Male Translation Podcast




He asked me if I started writing..

I said what?..

he said.. your book..

I said.. what book?

He said .. the book about your life..

I said.. umm

I see what you did there..  lol

When a strong mind speaks to you.. you have no choice but to speak back..

He’s my mentor.. and he doesn’t even know it yet!


Male Translation Podcast

Hi guys i’ve been gone for a minute,.. but i’m back at the jump off!. I’ve been  dabbling in a few other areas, and had the pleasure of sitting down with a few men and speak about relationships. Please check out the podcast with yours truly and leave some feedback! thanks in advance! and remember to follow on facebook Male Translation Podcast

I’m not even sure how to do this

Bad-Date-Blacks.jpgSo how do you date?

Like seriously?

In this day and age everything is so fast paced..

It’s not organic.. and feels rushed.

I didn’t date much in high school, so i didn’t get the whole trail and error phase.

Now that i’m actively  dating, it’s surreal and i don’t know what to really expect.

I’ve been on some crazy dates.. some dates where my date is mute.. and one where what ever could go wrong..went wrong.

Talk to me … how do I date properly and with intent?