Your love drives me crazy

Nothing like waking up in the arms of the person who loves you.

Everytime I see your face it makes me want to sing
and everytime I think about your love
it drives me crazy.



Broken hearts

You were not my type.. But your willingness to listen to me attracted me.. I remember out first time meet up.. We sat in my front yard and talked until 5 am and I knew I had to be on the road by 6 am.. I liked your mind.. I liked how you took care of those around you.. But I couldn’t stand another heart break.. I coasted with you for months.. Leaving you at arms length.. I finally decided to let you in.. I told you my pain.. I air my dirty laundry.. I trusted you.. I believed you.. You told me that you loved me.. I didn’t say it back because I wanted to be sure.. I let you love me.. I gave myself to you.. All I wanted in return was love and honesty.. I wanted to be there for you during your tragic times.. I prayed for you when I couldn’t pray for myself.. During my hard Times you weren’t there.. I adjusted.. I moved forward.. You popped back up.. You left again… Tragedy stuck once more.. There I am.. Trying to heal you..  And you take.. And take.. Nothing to be reciprocated…. I over extend.. You reassure me that it’s no one else.. I believe you.. And I believe you.. And I believe you.. Until I stop blocking the good sense that my ancestors gave me. I prayed to the most high.. I prayed to my inner self.. I prayed for peace.. And my answer came.. Its not me .. It was you.. You were attracted to my nurturing ..  What I have.. You needed..   But I have nothing left.. Nothing but pieces.. Pieces of a broken heart.

But you still haven’t arrived

Wake ups in the middle of the night’s…
Anticipated phone calls..
I’ve been waiting for you ….

But still you haven’t arrived.
Hoping for something different
But getting the same results.. I feel like a manic.
I’m still holding on to hope.. Still craving your kiss and touch..
But you are outside my grasp..

You are playing disappearing acts..
They hurt.. They are intermission I do not wish to participate in.

I told myself I would never. Do this again..
I would never let my heart take me to the mushy quick sand…. The sand that seems like concrete.. That moves unexpectedly.. Causing me to loose my balance and fall in love with you

But I did.. Do I regret it? No..
Will I forget this? No.. Because you awoke the Phoenix.. You reintroduced me to fire.. Passion and tenderness.. So I thank you.

Time is suppose to heal all wounds.. But I don’t want to heal.. I want to fall in love over and over again.. I don’t want to be saved.. I want to drown in you kisses.. Get lost inn you stares..  And be intrigued by your words again.

But you still haven’t arrived..



I constantly think about you.

You constantly invade my private thoughts.

I constantly envision the possibilities.

You constantly give me a reason to think about forever.

I constantly doubt that love is within my reach.

You constantly remind that you are within my grasp.