I’m Scared

I’m scared.. scared of disapointment.. scared of things that are uncharted.. scared of being vulnerable.. scared of being hurt.. scared of love. scared of being real with fake one..scared to die.. scarfed that something may happen to my kids.. scared that i may never find real love.. scared that my car may break down.. scared that i may lose my mom.. scared that a car might hit me.. scared that the president elect will fuck the world up even more..

But thats ok.


Lets take a long walk…

When i got off work today i decided to take my younger kids for a walk.. it wasnt that long.. just 4 blocks circle.. on the way back in i was this young man struggling to put on his cufflinks..I said “let me help you” he obligated.. it felt weird.. but he was very appreciative.. after i walked off about a block down the way i turned around Nd noticed he was struggling with his tie.. oh no brother.. you should have gotten dressed at home..lol

What one won’t teach me.. I will teach myself and teach others

Being told no doesn’t get me upset.. I honestly gives me power.. and some what of an adrenaline rush to get what I need and want. I thank the heavens for my mom.. she taught me early on to no accept no for and answer. Its like you tell me no.. ok.. now what are my options.. sit and sulk.. or get off my butt and make things happen.. I will always be an over achiever because of this.. what one won’t teach me.. I will teach myself.

Straight like that.

black women and food

Black women and cooking has been the staple  in family and culture. We have been the preparers  and gathers of food in our culture and neighborhoods. I love cooking with and for my family. It brings a sense of nurturing and peace when ,my kids linger around the stove when I’m cooking.

I love going to my mom house and before I can turn off the car, I can smell some beans and seasons in the drive way.. ok.. I’m gonna stop now.. because I’m hungry  and its not even lunch time.

Does it take money to date?

So I’ve been dating for the pass few months, most of them have been hits, some are total miss. Most of the time I attract guys who are the old school type, that like to pay for everything, which I’m cool with, but I also like to pay to give it some balance.

I’ve notice that once you are interested in that person you want to spend more time with them, and that can become costly. Lets take a look at it. If we go out three times a week, rather is just dinner, movies or a concert, that can be a small car note.

My question is does it take money to date? I personally think it doesn’t take a bunch.. but it take some.. even if it covers gas.. But other than that no. If you have an imagination and resourceful You can pocket that cash and save it for a trip.

Here are a few date that don’t cost any money and could actually help you get to know that person better:

  1. Trip to the library: A trip to the library will help you find out what type of literature your date is into. I love reading, and if my date is an avid reader like I am, his reading interest may be a great conversation starter.
  2. Check out the local Saturday market: This is one of my faves. On Saturday morning there is a community market that has an array of activities available, that’s all free. You can check out the locally grown fruit and veggie, while getting to know what your date like and dislike(you may get hints on favorite meals etc). You can also try bake goods while walking and talking.
  3. late night walk on the beach: this by far is my favorite. Usually the beach houses novelty stores, bars and cool little activities that are mostly free.  Water puts me at ease and makes me totally relaxed, so that will make the conversation flow.
  4.  Check out this video where  Male Translation podcast talks about dating with out using money, and let me know your thoughts.