Ms. Nikki

Someone sent me the poem of Nikki Giovanni -Gemini .. I shared it with a few other.. It spoke to me..




Today this quote helped me.. It made me understand a few things and placed them in prospective. I am thankful those that speak into me and don’t just give me advice.. but actually listen to their own words.. Mr. C.. I thank you.


Male Translation Podcast

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It’s not you.. you’re perfect.. biiiiih

I’m so tired of hearing that.. like really.. If i’m so perfect.. why didn’t you want to be in a relation ship with me..

Dom.. you’re too good for me.. seriosly


man I’m like so tired of that like.. how about you step yourself up.. be the man I know you can be.. and we watch Love Jones and live happily ever after?

But nope.. that would be too easy…

Sorry guys i’m just venting

Would you relocation for a relationship?

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I tired

I tried getting my closer yesterday.. I saw him.. still aloof.. still distance.. still not communicating.

Made plans.. never showed.

That shit burns.

But like every other difficult situation.. I get over it.

I refuse to be bitter and give up on love.

I’m just ready for love to love me back.