Embrace my Culture but not my kind?

I laugh when I hear guys say “what’s up homie/ Bro”

But will turn around and call us thugs in a second.

I cringe when they laugh at our big lips and derriere.

But turn around and spend thousands on injections and augmentations.

I’m baffled when they say our skin is too dark.

But they spend hundreds tanning to get darker complexions.

There is a clear line between appreciation and appropriation…

I’m perplexed.


You can’t want something from someone you can’t find in yourself


You can’t want something from someone you can’t find in yourself.. I’m finding this out the hard way..

I guess my 29th year on this earth is the quest to clean house and invite new guess in.

I’ve been chucking the dueces to folks, letting go of negative energy, and embracing new things.. And boy does it feel good!


Miss Georgia Peach

I don’t know where to start.. I got home from church and became immediately  pissed off. My neighbor keeps parking in my spot.. and on  top of that her friend parked in the other spot. I was LIVID.

I finally knocked on her door and told her  and the 90yr old lady street was shouting ‘that’s right!she know she’s wrong!”
I went into  the house but I could calm down, so I went  across the street to  my 90something year old neighbor house we began to talk.

She start giving me an ear full. and She call my next door neighbor a harlot  jezabel..etc I couldn’t to nothing but laugh.

Then she went on to tell me her life story. She tickled me pink taking about how she moved down here from Georgia  and she use to be called a Miss Georgia Peach and how she made moonshine from pears and peaches.

She  reminds me so much of my late grandma. Me and my grandma would sit out all time of night and talk.. talk about everything.. and nothing. That’s exactly what me and miss Georgia  Peach did tonight . we talked for 2 hours about the mafia.. possums.. cigars.. pole beans and everything else.. she even told me her 14 year old dog got in a fight and killed a Fox!..lol and she curses!

that’s the icing on the cake. I love me a cussing grandma! (weird I know lol)

But she tells it like it is!. I’m going to make it my business to talk with her at least once a week.