Bihh don’t do it

In the great words of Kendrick Lamar.. ” bitch don’t kill my vibe” it always that one person.. I mean.. I have tried to get along with her.. but she is just toxic.. I know she has had a few tragic events in her life but that does not give her the right to be mean and bitter.. but I will not deal with her any longer. I have the powervibe to change my atmosphere.. and you are not invited into it.



Family Vacation- Bahamas

So I recently  came back from my family spring break vacation. The kids loved it.. I was our first cruise together to the Bahamas.. The first day I Got totally sick but I did try Guys Burger spot.. The burger was so good.. and it had so many topping that I couldn’t count.guys

osysterI tried the Oyster Rockafeller.. whick was to die for!


We took an excursion to Paridise  where the resort Atlantis is.. I will never pay to stay there! it’s too expensive.. I’d rather do Air BnB.. Checked out a few shop and the Queens staircasebahamasMy highlight was having fresh counch for the first time.. and when I tell you it was fresh!.. I mean straight out of the water .. cracked in front of me fresh!counch

that’s me at the captains dinner..deeee

It was a lovely vacation.. but momma needs a solo trip!

Tell the truth Tuesday

To tell the truth I dance to everything.. Like I have a soundtrack to every part of my life.. Right now I’m in my Anthony Hamilton stage where I’m in love with love.. southern kind of love.. so I’ve pretty much been shashaying around dancing to him..

But this pass Saturday I went on a night cruise  called Rock the Yacht- Reggae Island Fever and jooked the whole night!.. Just so happen my cousin Al was on there also along with my best-friend cousin etc.. we stayed on the dance floor!

So if you are ever next to me in traffic.. and you see me dancing in my car.. just gone head and find your song and dance too!

Today I decided I’m running away

Baby today I’m running away.. I honestly can’t take it anymore..

I mean what can I say? this was long over due.. and I was not satisfied.

So baby I’m running.. I’m running from comfort and from mediocrity..

If I ever plan to live the life I want, I have to leave comfort behind.

Today I made my choice to speak to the universe and tell myself it will be ok..

I deserve every good thing that is coming my way.

passion, love, good energy, peace.. assurance

and it feels oh so go to leave..

opportunity is waiting for me..

black women and food

Black women and cooking has been the staple  in family and culture. We have been the preparers  and gathers of food in our culture and neighborhoods. I love cooking with and for my family. It brings a sense of nurturing and peace when ,my kids linger around the stove when I’m cooking.

I love going to my mom house and before I can turn off the car, I can smell some beans and seasons in the drive way.. ok.. I’m gonna stop now.. because I’m hungry  and its not even lunch time.

A talk with Sharon

Yesterday I walked my kids to the park to play for a bit before sunset. There was this lady there, that some would label her mentally ill. As the kids were playing  it started to get dark, an I knew I couldn’t make it back home with two small kids in tow before the downfall. We went under the park shed where Sharon was eating her Chinese food and French fries to wait the rain out. Sharon began to talk and sing aimlessly about how beautiful Cheri is. My kids looked to me with a bit of fear. so I tried to calm them by making up games to play. Of course my daughter Lulu ask loudly “what is she talking about MA?” So I asked this lady what her name is.. trying to create dialogue without being forceful.. She then began to speak with this heavy African accent. She begin to tell me how she came here from Africa with a visa. She abruptly stop and said “oh goodness I have talked too much, forgive me.. please speak” I ok’ed her to continue to express herself. She asked me if I had my passport.. I told her no I don’t. She said why? you are privileged. Go and see the world.

And lose some belly fat…

Then she dismissed me with have a blessed day and went back to singing and talking with herself.

Well thank you Sharon. Thank you for putting some fire under me.. and my belly