Ms. Nikki

Someone sent me the poem of Nikki Giovanni -Gemini .. I shared it with a few other.. It spoke to me..



Take it slow..


When something feels so right.. that you are holding your breath hoping it’s not a dream.

Take it slow..

Wanting to skip pass sleep so that you can fully immerse yourself in its presence…

Take it slow..

But it feels so good the connects seems to unreal…

Take it slow..

But but no I don’t want to..


Take it slow.

Can I look behind your eyes to see your true intention?

Take it slow..

Can I have a prelude of your passion? can I tap into your inner working to see if we connect beyond attraction?

Yes.. but first we need to

Take it slow…

Last good bye

Hold, hug, love, fuss.. yeah I miss that.
I wont go back..
I can’t go back.
It was too much.
No appreciation, no affirmation.. just lust.
No trust, but an undenied connect.
Was the ying to my yang,
But the unease to my brain.
How could I be in love with two people at the same time?
I know you love.. I know you care..I know we will forever be connected because I willingly gave you pieces of me.. they attached themselves to you. Hidden in the creases if your heart. That when you least expect it, You will feel my warmth all over you, even when you a hundred thousand miles away.
But you are toxic.. you are everything I don’t need.
But why do I want you so bad?
He was passion.. when we connected, we were compatible. Never have I melted when someone kiss the inside of my thigh. The animalistic  yet sensual love making has stained my brain eternally.
But he isn’t you and you aren’t him.
You gave me reason.. he gave me life.
I love you both, but this is our last goodbye