Ms. Nikki

Someone sent me the poem of Nikki Giovanni -Gemini .. I shared it with a few other.. It spoke to me..



For the love in you..

Rubbing your fingers through my afro while we lay in bed.. Covers twisted around our ankles as we decide to indulge in love languages. I am you.. You are me.. But we are different. We communicate without speaking.. We transcend when we touch.. We haven’t met yet but I already love you.

Heart beats

There isn’t anything more soothing then the rhythmic sound of your heart beat when I lay my head on your chest.  You run your fingers over
the nape of my neck. Planting soft kissed on my forehead.. Your heat beat…
The sound pattern of rain..
You say baby you’re so beautiful.. while I still listen to the beat..
Then we see the sun threaten to take our rendezvous away..
Then its starting to fade away.
The heart beat become distant.. And further away from my reality.

Love isn’t

You say that you love me.. But love isn’t hurt.
You say that you love me But love isn’t neglecting.
You say that you love me But love doesn’t hold back.
You say that you love me But love doesn’t leave room for doubt.
Love doesn’t hurt.. Love doesn’t let time lapse.. Love doesn’t make the other person ache.
Love doesn’t hide. Love doesn’t shut down.. Love doesn’t take a timeout. Love isn’t unquestionable.. Love isn’t forced.

But i know what love does…
Love is peace in the middle of a storm.
Love is understanding.. Love is communicating. Love is an expression.. Love reliability. Love is deep. Love is soft kisses on ones forehead while gently stroking the nape of your neck.

I thought love was you.. Your smile reminded me of love.. I haven’t seen love in a while.. But some of his cousin’s paid me a visit.. Infatuation and passion.
I like them.. But i want to get to know love.. I want to get so deep into you that when I open my mouth to speak you flow out..
But love. Doesn’t come around.. I see glimpses of him from time to time.. But not long enough to make an impression.

I know so much about what love isn’t… I’m ready to know what love is.

Take it slow..


When something feels so right.. that you are holding your breath hoping it’s not a dream.

Take it slow..

Wanting to skip pass sleep so that you can fully immerse yourself in its presence…

Take it slow..

But it feels so good the connects seems to unreal…

Take it slow..

But but no I don’t want to..


Take it slow.

Can I look behind your eyes to see your true intention?

Take it slow..

Can I have a prelude of your passion? can I tap into your inner working to see if we connect beyond attraction?

Yes.. but first we need to

Take it slow…