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Hi guys i’ve been gone for a minute,.. but i’m back at the jump off!. I’ve been  dabbling in a few other areas, and had the pleasure of sitting down with a few men and speak about relationships. Please check out the podcast with yours truly and leave some feedback! thanks in advance! and remember to follow on facebook Male Translation Podcast


Podcast- Man Traslations

Once again.. we have another podcast on man translation. When I tell you this round table discussion was so fun and enlighten. The topics ranged from dating men with children, effective communication. etc.. Please take a look and like/subscribe! Thanks Clarence Brown for the invite!

Clarence Brown- Male Translation


So on Sunday, a friend of mine named Clarence invited me to a round table discussion  on a host of topics. Ranging from the 80/20 rule. Light vs Dark etc. All i can say was  it was love!. The first part of this series we discussed the Hummer vs Ferrari topic. Take a look at the podcast and tell me what you think.. ohh.. thats me in the black and the big

-Young Black & Gifted

Youtube: Me and my Sister

Check out a video of me and my God-sister having a random conversation. Our topic range from heartbreak, church, and some singing.

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The world is reading According to Dee

I just want to say thank you all for reading According to Dee.  To each and every country.. Hey Boo!


TBT: I open my heart to you

Can you totally open you heart to someone?

Being able to give and receive love unconditional?

Without limitations or criteria?

Just writing that gives me chills. I mean in an adult relationship? Not children, because that another kind of love that should come natural because it’s an extension of one self. Meaning two adult people giving all of themselves 100% with no leftover. Thinking of the other person in totality? I honestly don’t think it can be done. I do believe that someone is capable of giving at least 75 percent. I’ve seen it done mostly by women. I think we are designed to love, be loved, nurturer and affectionate. I’ve notice over the past few years that love has been shunned and lust has been glorified. Lust comes into place when love is consider attainable, and a quick fix. Then it becomes the new norm. Especially with technology, it’s easier to get microwave “love” at the drop of a hat. But to actually find a person you can be totally open to, completely vulnerable with, and expose your inhibitions to is a rare.I want that old school kind of love, where there is love when it isn’t anything else. But communication is always the key to unlock the heart. Once again technology plays a promenade role in this. It’s so easy to write your felling in a text, or email, but the authenticity is in the tone, visual, and emotions that are displayed when its a person to person, face to face. ok.. i feel like I’m getting all mushy.. so leave a comment, question, or debate.. intrigue me!

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