If it wasn’t for Georgina.. there would be no Bacardi Rum..


ON my trip to Puerto Rico to celebrate my 30th birthday.. I trekked to the Bacardi Rum Factory. I ended up arriving at 9:00 am.. forgetting that my tour started at 11:30. So I sat a round and took some pictures of the grounds and of the museum. At 11:00 one of the bartenders told me to check out the new restaurant that was recently added to the factory. When I walked in I immediately fell in love!

The decor had a caribbean/ African feel to it.


I  placed my order and decided to walk a round, and boy was i in for a treat.

I stumbled upon this writing on the walk.


This plaque goes on to talk about a house servant named Georgina, who was the wet-nurse and care taker of Don Facundo Bacardi 6 kids. Long story short.. Don was about to get indicted because of is business ties with some unsavory character. So Don wrote letters to the crime bosses and the recipes of the rum and was about to mail them and word got out that the chief of police was on the way to search the home. If Don was caught with the letters  he would be good as dead. So  Georgina said you trust me with your kids, trust me with the letter, I will keep them safe. So one of the kids suggested that she hide the letters under her hat, but there was too many. So Georgina stuck the rum recipes and letters in her bosoms and held the baby close to her and started walking away from the hose just as the police arrived. If it wasn’t for smuggling the letters out.. There would be no Bacardi as we know it.


There is something about a black woman


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